14 July 2024
Overdose at the Metro Transit Nicollet LRT station. MplsDowntown Warehouse District Live 35 S 5th St 02:43
Police in MplsDowntown report hearing shots at 1st Ave N and 5th St. No victims yet. Suspect: Tall BM, tan shirt untucked with a pattern, black pants, black hat, south on Hennepin from 5th. MplsDowntown Warehouse District Live
A security guard was knocked out, requesting bike patrols to the area. MplsDowntown Warehouse District Live. 4xx Hennepin Ave Suspect: BM, white hat, blue shirt
Report of a vehicle that crashed into a house. The driver is reportedly impaired. 31xx Park Ave
Shotspotter activation 5 rounds. 21xx Elliot Ave 00:47
Report of assault of a Lyft driver at 3rd Ave S and S 9th St. MplsDowntow 00:45
Damage to property. Report of a male breaking out vehicle windows. 2111 44th Ave N / Pen Suspect in a black seda 00:26
Report of shots being fired at another vehicle in the area of 14th and Oliver Ave N. Suspect vehicle last seen near Bryant Ave N and Glenwood. Domestic related. 00:15
The Minneapolis Fire Dept reports 150 to 200 youths racing cars racing on Lyndale Ave N near Glenwood. E 16 is responding to one in seizure on Glenwood.
After 8 p.m., brush fire at the homeless encampment behind NEMPLS Lucky Shots Pickleball near St. Anthony Pkwy and 5th St NE
Several people have messaged that the stabber is from St. Cloud. We aren't able to verify that info, but just putting it out there in case anyone has info that can positively identify the suspect or make the connection to information
Report of a person stabbed at the LRT station at 5th and Marquette or Nicollet. Metro Transit PD detained one person who bystanders said was stabbing people on the train. Unknown victims yet. 22:26
Report of shots heard near 24th and Clinton Ave. 21:53
Report of 12-13 shots at 37th and Fremont Ave N. Suspect vehicle black SUV, shots were being fired at a white Tahoe. 20:12
Auto theft. 10xx W Lake St, near Colfax Loss: red Dodge Charger with a black spoiler.
The Kia with the FL plate involved in shots fired and other incidents was just spotted at 46th and Hiawatha Ave., high speed. Gray Kia Sorrento
Domestic damage to property, vehicle windows broken. 43xx Webber Pkwy Suspect left in a black Hummer
Overdose at Avivo Village. 1251 Washington Ave N 23:09
Shotspotter 4 rounds. 25th and Bloomington Ave
North on 4th Ave S East on Franklin Getting on eastbound I-94. Lost it, eastbound 18th Ave S crossing Park and Portland
PURSUIT of the stolen Kia with FL plates involved in shots fired. 31st and Irving Ave S 22:11 Hennepin and Lake
Shotspotter 6 rounds 7xx 44th Ave N, Near Lyndale
Report of a male stealing packages and items from mailboxes. 27th and 3rd Ave S Suspect: BM, white hat, sunglasses, moving westbound.
2:30 a.m., shooting victim showed up at North Memorial. Scene possibly at 22nd and Irving Ave N.There had been a Shotspotter at that location a couple hours earlier
Police report hearing shots at Lowry and Emerson Ave N. Also a Shotspotter activation at 34th and Colfax, 5 rounds.
Shotspotter 6 rounds, indicated full auto, per dispatch Shingle Creek Pkwy and Fremont Ave N 00:20
Teven Earl Cosey, 32, was taken into custody on Monday by the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office at/near 8xx Queen Ave N. Cosey was wanted on warrants in at least three cases including attempted 2nd degree murder, felon in possession of a firearm, narcotics
Report of shots heard near 30xx 22nd Ave S. EMS dispatched for a pregnant female who fell during the chaos. Police arrived and found casings.
Report of 5 shots heard E Franklin Ave and Elliot Ave
Overdose at the Metro Transit Midtown transit center. 2935 Chicago Ave