11 December 2023
Stabbing in MplsDowntown. 8th and Hennepin Ave.Victim is a BM wearing only boxers.Suspect: BM, tall, thin, shaved head, white t-shirt and shorts01:45
Another Shotspotter activation at 8xx 21st Ave N and report of shots heard
Report of shots fired at a house.Police arrived, said no one is shot.10xx James Ave N
Shotspotter activation 12 rounds. 8xx 21st Ave N / near Bryant Ave N21:29
SAINT PAUL: SHOOTING - 12xx Hazelwood St. - Squads on scene of a shooting, 12 shell casings were recovered in the parking lot. Officers are reporting a victim with a graze wound to the head just arrived at the hospital.Witnesses say the shots were fired from a black Chevy Tahoe
10:20 a.m., overdose at Avivo Village. Reported to be a full arrest. 1251 Washington Ave N
Minneapolis - Report of 5-6 shots heard near 26th and Blaisdell Ave
MPD confirms the shooting homicide at 4th Street Saloon in north Minneapolis. Another gunshot victim showed up at the hospital. They say a verbal altercation escalated and led to the shooting.No arrests have been made
Minneapolis police have confirmed that a 29-year-old man was killed and another man showed up at HCMC with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound after a verbal altercation and led to gunfire outside the 4th Street Saloon earlier tonight. The 29-year-old man died at the scene
Report of a domestic strangulation and the suspect threw the victim across the room. 9xx 14th Ave NE, Timber and Tie apts - the newest NEMPLS problem property
Other agency pursuit. Felony stop at 1st Ave NE and 5th St NE.NEMPLS Suspect wanted on domestic assault, fleeing, weapons .One detained, another in the vehicle
Group of teens throwing glass on the road and at houses.48xx Bryant Ave N
SHOOTING at the 4th St Saloon.Preceded by a Shotspotter at 20xx 4th St N Police arrived, victim is in the back of the lot. CPR started
MINNEAPOLIS: Shooting - victim found outside the 4th Street Saloon, 328 W. Broadway, in the rear of the parking lot near the alley - Officers are on scene and report CPR is in progress on the victim
Carjacking at gunpoint.36xx 10th Ave S
Early morning business burglary. A window was broken and the business was ransacked. K9 arrived to search. 50xx 34th Ave S
After 7 a.m., a 911 caller said an unknown male walked into their apartment and started taking a shower. Police arrived and took the suspect into custody. A use of force review was requested. 38xx Hiawatha Ave Squad 360
5:30 a.m., report of assault at the 46th St / Hiawatha LRT station.Suspect: BFPolice arrived and called it a good 5th degree assault. Unknown if the suspect was immediately located
Big Boy was taken into custody. Felon Lawrence Edward Walker McDowell, 35, is in custody on PC domestic assault and threats of violence, as well as a warrant for felon in possession of a firearm.At least his 3rd arrest in a month
Police report a stolen vehicle almost ran us over. Suspect: Occupied by 4, red Hyundai SUV, Fla plate on rear Morgan and Plymouth Ave N 00:25
Suspects in the overnight burglary at 7xx 5th St SE. Police unwilling to pursue suspects and demanded security to stop following them. Officers on scene said they cannot make a report since the suspects are no longer there and suggested
Report of two crashes in NEMPLS:Broadway St NE and Marshall St NE, hit and runBroadway St NE and Central Ave NEMFD also reports a crowd gathering at the Marshall site
Shotspotter activation 9 rounds. 41xx Girard Ave N 21:11
Report of 7-8 shots heard near 23xx Blaisdell Ave 20:14
Police responding to a domestic situation. The 6ft, 300 lb suspect also has a KOPS Alert for weapons, and threatened to shoot policemen.30xx Oliver Ave N Squad 482 624 17:43 delayedHouse surrounded, suspect is yelling at officers from the 2nd floor
Carjacking at gunpoint.Loss: black Mercedes GLE, plate 4CF331 31xx Minnehaha Ave
Attempted robbery. Report of a WM suspect with brass knuckles and a camo hat who tried to steal a bike at McD's.3110 E Lake St
Auto theft of a black Hyundai Sonata at 1st and E Franklin Ave by a group. Plate contains/similar PV4955. As police arrived, the vehicle took off. No pursuit, per policy.10:29Two attempted auto thefts just prior in the same area.22nd/Lyndale Ave S26th/1st Ave S
After 8.a.m., robbery at Cub Quarry NEMPLS. Suspects stole merchandise and assaulted staff.Suspects in a silver minivan, plate NRE677
Report of burglary in progress. Suspects: 2 Male and 1 Female 7xx 5th St SE