20 July 2024
4/Gunshot audio from the shooting on 35xx Penn Ave N
South Minneapolis - SHOOTING. Person shot in the leg.There were two nearby Shotspotter activations on Lake St. 27xx Bloomington Ave, at/near the bike shop
SE Minneapolis / Dinkytown UMN - Report of three suspects targeting delivery drivers when they try to go in the building.7th St SE and 12th Ave SE
SE Minneapolis - Police on site of a DOA from a reported overdose. 45 University Ave SE, Cobalt Apts
North Minneapolis - Now it's a SHOOTING, following the 21-round Shotspotter on that block. One possibly in full arrest in a Cadillac. 35xx Penn Ave
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 21 rounds. 35xx Penn Ave N
South Minneapolis - Robbery of person. 2910 Pillsbury Ave, near Karmel Mall22:48
SE Minneapolis - Carjacking at gunpoint.Loss: gray CamryFour to 5 suspects, one is BM, 18-19, gray hoodie, black short, gray handgun 3xx 2nd Ave SE
Near NE Minneapolis - State Patrol reports a possible SHOOTING victim in a white Ram north on 35W near Johnson St NE. Suspect in a white Jeep
South Minneapolis STABBING at the Metro Transit Franklin LRT platform. 1808 E Franklin Ave
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 15 rounds. 34xx Sheridan Ave N
A North Liberty, Iowa woman is now accused of killing a Minneapolis woman she was romantically involved with, after she was found with the victim's dead body in her car at the scene of a crash in southern Minnesota
Minneapolis - SHOOTING. After a person who was shot showed up at HCMC
South Minneapolis - Report of shots heard at 27xx Lyndale Ave S.Police arrived and found casings
Downtown Minneapolis - STABBING. One stabbed in the leg, 9th floor.Female suspect on the 11th floor.1225 S 8th St, MPHA public housing high rise
South Minneapolis - 911 caller said they heard shots and now found bullet holes in their vehicle.32nd and Longfellow Ave
North Minneapolis - Strong arm carjacking of a female.Loss: 2006 Buick Lucerne 45xx Bryant Ave N
.Downtown Minneapolis - A cuffed inmate just escaped from the jail. Ran south on 4th Ave S.Suspect: BM, 5ft10, brown ball cap, blue jeans, still cuffed
3 week ago
A 32-year-old woman has been arrested after police found a dead woman in the backseat of her car that authorities say was not a result of the accident
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 11 rounds. 20xx Fremont Ave N
CITIZEN ROBBED AT GUNPOINT: 4000 Bl. of Central Ave. N.E. @DCPoliceDept on scene investigating an armed robbery with a citizen having their possessions taken by 3 individuals with atleast one armed with a gun.
Minneapolis - Two Shotspotter activations 4 5 rounds, same area.8xx E Franklin 21xx Chicago Ave
SAINT PAUL: Squads are on scene with a vehicle crashed into a tree near York Ave. & Van Dyke St. and an occupant has a gunshot wound. CPR was started around 10:50 p.m. The shooting reportedly took place one block east, near Hazel and Stillwater Ave.
SE Minneapolis - Suspect BM, gray hat broke a vehicle window and stole a large black duffel. Washington Ave SE and Ontario St SE
3 week ago
Emergency officials are on high alert as a Minnesota dam is in imminent danger of critical failure Rapidan Minnesota
3 week ago
Rapidan Dam near Rapidan, Minnesota failing. Dam operators report the river has eroded earth around the dam and is uncontrolled and have stated the Dam itself has not failed but there are growing concerns that it may collapse at some point
North Minneapolis SHOOTING. Female shot in the foot. Shotspotter activation 13 rounds. Police arrived to the building all shot up. 35xx Penn Ave N, yes that problem block where nary a violence interrupter has ever been seen
Minneapolis STABBING. Male stabbed in the abdomen. Suspect: Somali M, 27-30, medium curly hair, scars on hand, pink shirt over a brown shirt, black Adidas pants with a white stripe, got on a bus toward St. Paul 4527 Hiawatha Ave,
North Minneapolis - Police are on site of a kid slumped in the Wendy's drive-thru, and he has a gun in his lap.Plate KYV552 421 W Broadway Ave
NE Minneapolis - Report of about 75 teens at Waite Park partying and being loud.33rd- 34th and Hayes St NE