11 December 2023
Minneapolis - Auto theft and damage to property. A vehicle was taken and smashed through the gate at the tow facility. 40xx Washington Ave N 03:00
Minneapolis - Report of a stabbing. 3 WM were reportedly using a hacksaw on a person by the tracks. 13th and Central Ave NE 02:40 Police arrived and trying to get access to the area.
Report of wallet theft by two females outside the Millennium Hotel in downtown Minneapolis 1313 Nicollet Mall
Attempted auto theft (or carjacking) from a female by 5 Somali M.The driver does not want to make a report (means it didn't happen as far as stats are concerned. i.e. crime is down.) 32xx 4th Ave S
Minneapolis - Strongarm robbery of delivery driver. 60xx Sheridan Ave S
Shotspotter activation 29xx 5th Ave S (1/2 block off Lake St)
A State Patrol pursuit exited on Penn Ave from 394. State is discontinuing the pursuit. Plate same/similar to 2JD833, with a BM driver, white hat, white sweatshirt. Vehicle has one headlight out
Report of assault on staff by an intoxicated party at Rick's Cabaret in downtown Minneapolis. Suspect is being restrained. 300 S 3rd St
Domestic with a weapon. Report of 20 in a fight and someone is threatening to shoot. 30xx Colfax Ave N12:43
Before 11 a.m., robbery of person at gunpoint in NE Minneapolis NEMPLS 15xx 4th St NE Loss: phone, backpack and moneySuspect: BM, 150 lb, 5ft 3, black mask, fled in a red Hyundai
Shotspotter activation 32xx 3rd Ave S
Report of robbery of person at gunpoint.27xx Humboldt Ave S00:27
Robbery of person.E 31st St and 11th Ave S
Downtown Minneapolis - Report of 5 -6 shots heard near the Armory.5th Ave S and S 6th St
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 4 rounds.11xx 21st Ave N
SE Minneapolis - Robbery of business.630 SE 8th St, market [this business has been a repeated robbery target]Police arrived.Suspects BM, bald, 30s, white hoodie, gold grillz, fled in a possible Impala
Carjacking at gunpoint.16xx Elliot Ave, downtown Minneapolis Loss: 2011 Ford Focus, gray
Multiple reports of shots fired, possibly into a building.19xx 1st Ave S Suspect: BM, black trench coat, white shirt, is the ex boyfriend of one 911 callerSquad 521
Security out with a female who was pouring gas next to a Hennepin County Sheriff's vehicle and had a match trying to start a fire.Suspect: BF, braids 350 5th St S, downtown Minneapolis Address updated to City Hall Squad 111 and MFD
Auto theft. Loss: white BMWSuspects arrived in a white sedan HUK569 46th and Bloomington Ave Squad 311
Report of strong arm robbery.Suspects: Two Hispanic M, late teens to 20s, one in a blue hoodie 35xx 10th Ave S Squad 323 321
Shotspotter activation 15 rounds and police in the area report hearing shots.52xx Girard Ave N
Minneapolis police confirm dead fetus found at the encampment we've been reporting on for weeks which has been the site of overdoses, shots fired, and shootings at E 23rd St and 13th Ave S
Minneapolis - Perimeter search for a male reported to have a gun and reportedly holding a 13-year-old at gunpoint.25xx Ogema Place, Little Earth
Shotspotter activation.22xx Girard Ave N
NE Minneapolis - Report of 7 shots heard from two different guns and a vehicle speeding off. 7xx Pierce St NE 22:38 Police arrived, and windows are shot out at 13xx Summer St NE
Two Shotspotter activations 10 3 rounds, and 911 calls reporting automatic gunfire. 12xx Knox Ave N 8xx Oliver Ave N Squad 411
Minneapolis - Report of multiple juveniles in a VW hotrodding and driving on the sidewalk continuously around the school.12th Ave S and E 27th St
NE Minneapolis - Attempted auto theft. Police are on site taking a report and it sounds like there was more than one attempted theft.13th and Marshall St NE 08:54Also about 8:25 a.m., theft of a running vehicle from McDonald's at NE Broadway and University Ave NE
Report of robbery of person. 51xx Girard Ave N Two suspects in a white SUV