3 December 2023
Minneapolis - Report of a male smashing windows and throwing rocks at people outside of Abbott Hospital. Near 28th and 10th Ave S BM suspect was previously discharged from the hospital and is "very upset." Squad 320 01:00
Shotspotter activation 4 rounds.26th and Clinton Ave S, next to the highway (35W)
MPD confirms the fatal shooting at 37xx Newton Ave N. A 21-year-old male was deceased on the scene from multiple gunshot wounds. No arrests at this time, and the investigation continues.
Robbery of business, till tap/snatched all the cash from the register.24th and Hennepin Ave, gas stationSuspect: BM, 45-50, in a gold or silver Bonneville with a smashed out back window
Shotspotter activation. 37xx Sheridan Ave N 21:52
Report of 10 shots heard.16th and Morgan Ave N
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation.15xx Hillside Ave N
Police on site of a shooting following sound of shots inside a residence. The person has a gun and does not appear to be moving. Gunshot to the back of the neck and the ribs. No pulse. A 911 caller said they saw two people run from the address. 37xx Newton Ave N
Carjacking at gunpoint Suspect: BM, dark hoodie, ski maskLoss: 2021 Lexus, plate contains NX 30026xx Garfield Ave S 13:10
Robbery of person report. 40xx 19th Ave S Suspects in a gray Nissan. Occurred around 11 a.m
NE Minneapolis - Before 4:30 a.m., reports of shots heard. Police arrived and found a vehicle with a bullet hole.17xx Grand St NENEMPLS
Report of a garage fire.20xx Lowry Ave N / near Newton Ave N22:20
Minneapolis - Police were flagged down by occupants of a vehicle at 26th and Pillsbury Ave who said they were shot at in the area of 22nd and Harriet Ave S. There is also a report of shots heard at 21xx Garfield Ave S.Vehicle has a bullet hole.
Robbery of business at gunpoint.37xx Cedar Ave, hair salonSuspect: BM, 6ft, medium build, white shirt, blue jeans, hair is bleached yellow
After 5 a.m., gunfire inside an apartment in Uptown Minneapolis. Reportedly an accidental discharge. The round went through the floor.28xx Emerson Ave S, former Elan, now Inspire apartments Suspect fled in a black Denali, NUA1*1
Burglary. Real estate agent arrived to find the door open.22xx 10th Ave S
NE Minneapolis - Crews have been on site of a structure fire at Catholic Eldercare in NEMPLS since before 2 a.m.Sounds like at least one victim sustained smoke inhalation injury. Microwave fire.929 2nd St NE 02:29
Police recovered a gun in a parking lot at 27th and Colfax Ave S
Police say three people are shot in this incident
Uptown Minneapolis - Now another double SHOOTING. 911 caller said their son was shot. Husband is also shot in the foot.12 - 15 shots13xx W 28th St, near Girard
Police in 5th Precinct report a volley of gunshots heard. Now it's a SHOOTING at Lyndale Ave S and Lake St.Also more shots at 28th and Girard Ave SSuspects: 2 BM, 20-30s, one in a beanie capSquad 511 22:51Bystanders said the person with a gunshot got into a red vehicle
Attempted carjacking 10-15 minutes ago (10:30 p.m.) at Uptown Minneapolis Cub on Lagoon, and a person was grazed in the head with a bullet in the parking lot.Police out with the victim now.3 suspects in ski masks
North Minneapolis - Robbery of person at gunpoint at Popeye's.1301 W Broadway Ave Suspect: BM, mask, all black clothing, with two BFLoss: Wallet, phone, keys, and:pants
Attempted carjacking.Suspects were possibly in a black Escalade.31xx W Lake St
Attempted carjacking at gunpoint.Suspects: 2 BM in 20s, one in all black clothing 39xx 12th Ave S 20:32
North Minneapolis - About 3 a.m., SHOOTING. Person had a minor gunshot to the calf.8xx 21st Ave NShooter ran toward the 4th Street Saloon
Before 9:30 p.m. Saturday, two female suspects related to a Ramsey County stabbing were detained at 7th and Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis. At least one had a child in a stroller with them. A knife was recovered
BROOKLYN PARK: Four people fled after a two-vehicle crash and vehicle fire near I-694 and County Road 81. One person in the other vehicle is reporting a possible head injury and a State Patrol helicopter is responding to assist in the search for those who fled, last seen westbound
Another activation on 29xx Logan Ave N, and police in the area heard more shots
Shotspotter activation 17 rounds. 29xx Morgan Ave N Squad 420 22:25