24 July 2024
South Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 6 rounds.Sound of shots in the area confirmed by a follower. 33xx Clinton Ave
Gunshot audio from 30th and Girard Ave N
North Minneapolis - Two Shotspotter activations 11 3 rounds. 30xx Girard Ave N
Minneapolis - Initial report of a shooting. 911 caller said someone ran into her on the freeway near Lyndale and Dunwoody and she thought they were shot. The person then got into another vehicle.Hospitals being notified.
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 8 rounds.30xx Girard Ave N
South Minneapolis - Police report hearing about 10-15 shots near Lake St and Hiawatha.
MINNEAPOLIS: 29xx Cedar Ave. S. Police are investigating a double shooting, both victims self-transported to Children's Hospital. One adult victim suffered gunshot a gunshot wound to the heck and neck while a two-year-old child suffered a gunshot wound to the face
South Minneapolis - Multiple 911 calls reporting 10-15 shots heard ranging from 25th and Cedar over to 25xx 37th Ave S
South Minneapolis - ANOTHER SHOOTING. One shot in the throat.28xx 16th Ave S
South Minneapolis - SHOOTING. Person who is shot in the head and neck just showed up at Children's Hospital. An officer was just telling dispatch a person shot near 29xx Cedar Ave may show up.Corresponding Shotspotter activation
North Minneapolis - Attempted auto theft by four males in ski masks who arrived/fled in a black Kia.32xx Irving Ave N
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 10 rounds.25xx N 4th St
Bloomington PD has informed Minneapolis police that they have 1000 people at an event in their city who are talking about showing up at a location at 35xx E Lake St
South Minneapolis - SHOOTING. Report of one shot under the Franklin bridge, near Hiawatha
North Minneapolis - Double SHOOTING. One shot in the knee, other is grazed.21xx W Broadway Ave, near PennReportedly occurred on I-94 eastbound just before W Broadway exit
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 10 rounds.28th and Fremont Ave N
Minneapolis / UptownMpls - Robbery and assault of a female.Loss: purseThree BM masked suspects arrived in a black VW Golf or similar 27th and Fremont Ave S
North Minneapolis - Robbery at gunpoint at Shingle Creek Park.1920 50th Ave N (Morgan)Two suspects14:48
North Minneapolis - Police report the sound of automatic gunfire on 26th Ave N
Downtown Minneapolis - One detained by police, and two guns recovered at the Gay 90s parking lot
Downtown Minneapolis - Assault. Report of one spitting on staff at the Saloon.Suspect: WM,50s, balding, black shirt, green pants 830 Hennepin Ave
COON RAPIDS: Purple Rose Hall, 2975 Coon Rapids Blvd. - Report of two people shot, suspect fled in a grey truck. Lots of cars leaving the area as officers arrive. Blaine PD and ACSO office. **Someone else is saying the suspect may still be inside.
Coon Rapids - SHOOTING at PurpleRose Hall - Event Center.2975 Coon Rapids Blvd.Unity and Mercy hospitals on lockdown.Casings found.Suspect: BM teen
SAINT PAUL: Dale Street LRT - Reported to be two victims on the platform. Witnesses said it was an automatic firearm. Transit PD and SPPD en-route.**Needs medics code 3, male has a GSW to the chest. Need all available transit squads from both east and west metro.
St. Paul - SHOOTING at University and Dale at the transit platform. One shot in the chest, CPR in progress. Police found casings inside the LRT
South Minneapolis - Robbery of business by 16-17 juveniles with tasers and knives. 2600 Cedar Ave S. Police now chasing them through Cedar Field park. At least two detained
North and NE Minneapolis - Police reported a stolen Hyundai Sonata driving in the area of 22nd and Johnson St NE about 8:13 p.m.Plate LHB072, stolen from Brooklyn Park.Not pursuing.This vehicle was spotted in north Minneapolis at 8:47 p.m. near Dowling and Humboldt Ave N.
South Minneapolis - After 3:30 a.m., a suspect reported to be 10 to 15 years old was detained after crashing a bait vehicle while fleeing from police. 24th and 16th or 17th Ave S
North Minneapolis - 4:44 a.m. SHOOTING. Shot in the chest, critical.5xx Russell Ave N
South Minneapolis - Report of one smashing a vehicle window. 2xx 62nd St, same location we recently posted of attempted auto thefts.