20 July 2024
Person who is stabbed just showed up at HCMC, said it happened in south Minneapolis
North Minneapolis - Multiple Shotspotter activations, one was 30 rounds.30xx Upton Ave N
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation. 33xx Fremont Ave N
South Minneapolis - Report of a house on fire.31xx 3rd Ave S22:45 MFD arrived, people reportedly still inside.Forcing entry for a primary search
SAINT PAUL: University Ave. W. and Snelling Ave. - Stabbing, reportedly happened on the LRT platform. Transit PD being started. - Starting a K9 track, suspect still believed to be in the area
SE Minneapolis - After 9 a.m., Burglary of an occupied dwelling where 4 roommates were sleeping. Near 13th and Talmage Ave SE The overweight BM or mixed male, long dreads in a bun and a plaid shirt fled on a bicycle and was detained by UMPD near Cedar and Washington Ave S
North Minneapolis - Report of a carjacking robbery and assault by an unknown BM.Loss: black sedan Lowry and Fremont Ave N
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 7 rounds.30xx Vincent Ave N
Downtown Minneapolis - Report of 20 people fighting in a parking ramp, 27 S 7th St. Someone in a white SUV with a pitbull inside is preventing people from leaving the ramp.This follows another large fight in a crowd leaving the Armory
Downtown Minneapolis - DOUBLE SHOOTING. One is shot in the leg in the Armory area parking ramp. 6th to 7th off 5th Ave S 22:34 Police arrived. Shooting occurred at/near the elevator
North Minneapolis - Stabbing.W Broadway and Fremont Ave N 14:34
South Minneapolis - 9:35 a.m., gun stolen from a vehicle in the Children's Hospital parking ramp. 2525 Chicago Ave
From UMN Minneapolis, this was one of two robberies by the same suspects. Dinkytown At approx. 10:15 pm there were two robberies in the 400 block 14th Ave Se. The suspects are the same in both incidents. In the first incident the loss was cash
Downtown Minneapolis - MFD responding to a building alarm sees a person covered in blood inside. Possibly an armed home invasion robbery. Victim was hit in the head with a gun.Suspects: 2 BM, 1BF 18 N 13th St, Swinford Townhouses
South Minneapolis - Robbery of person at gunpoint.Four dark complexion suspects in face masks, left in a black 4-door.W 26th St from Nicollet to Blaisdell.
South Minneapolis - STABBING during a robbery. Victim also has a head injury.20xx Park Ave S
South Minneapolis - Strong arm robbery of person.Suspects in a metallic green 4-door Kia.50th and Dupont Ave S
Minneapolis - Person who is shot just showed up at HCMC. Police checking if it's related to one of two shoot reports in north Minneapolis
South Minneapolis - PURSUIT of the vehicle that's been involved in gun pointing at South High School this week. White Kia Plate previously reported as *YM126 3131 19th Ave S
South Minneapolis - Attempted carjacking. Three male suspects tried to push a female out of her vehicle.E 26th St and 13th Ave S
South Minneapolis - Auto theft.Suspects: 3 BMLoss: blue Kia Optima, plate SAB773 40xx Clinton Ave S
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation and reports of yelling.Police arrived and found bullet damage to a house.25xx Thomas Ave
South Minneapolis - Report of a possible attempted carjacking.Unknown race male jumped out of a red vehicle and the female victim saw him coming and locked her vehicle and ran inside. 49xx Bryant Ave S
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activations 7 15 rounds. 36th and Emerson to Fremont Ave N.Police say a gray Taurus fled from the area
South Minneapolis - Police report a stolen black Kia Forte driving on the sidewalk near Lake St and Lyndale/Aldrich Ave S.
South Minneapolis - Report of rapid fire gunshots heard from near Stevens Square Park.18th and Steven Ave S
North Minneapolis - After 7 p.m., report of robbery and assault.Loss: $50,000 40xx Vincent Ave N
SE Minneapolis - 2:15 a.m., report of one threatening to fire shots at Frank and Andrea's Dinkytown UMN 1235 4th St SE
NE Minneapolis - 7:25 a.m., Strong arm robbery. A woman opening her business was pushed down and robbed of her wallet.Suspect: Male in a blue mechanics shirt, one-piece blue coveralls, green face mask 28xx Central Ave NE
Police activity in Hopkins. Search for a suspect, and neighbors have been ordered to stay inside.4xx Van Buren.