20 July 2024
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 9 rounds.34xx Penn Ave N
An EMS responder was injured after a crew responded to a report of an intoxicated female down at Oak Park and Penn Ave N. The female fought with EMS and two officers, and it turned into a brief help call.
South Minneapolis - Assault. A staff person was sprayed with Raid roach spray.2001 Nicollet Ave, CVSSuspect: BM, mid 30-40, 5ft8, bright orange hat, large gray/brown jacket, carrying multiple bags13:47
SE Minneapolis / Marcy Holmes - Assault. 911 caller said they were punched in the face and their friend had a gun pulled on them in the lobby.6xx 13th Ave SE, church (occurred at Target)16:32UMN Dinkytown adjacent
Minneapolis - Land pirates. Auto theft.48xx Oakland Ave S Loss: silver Kia SUVSuspects arrived in a white Kia SUV10:58
Minneapolis - Report of shots heard. 12th Ave S and Powderhorn Terrace This spot has become a frequent location for shots
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 7 rounds 46xx Colfax Ave N 02:15
Downtown Minneapolis - MFD on site of a dumpster fire next to an apartment building. 14th and Portland Ave
SAINT PAUL: Deputies were in pursuit of a driver for a moving violation when the suspect crashed into another vehicle on Maryland Ave. near I-35E - Medics were requested for two people in the uninvolved vehicle, reportedly with minor injuries
2/CHPD hearing another possible shot near 39th and Main St NE.
Columbia Heights has a perimeter search for a possible shooter.Police say they heard at least 4 shots fired near 38xx 2 1/2 St NE. There was another burst prior to those shots
Minneapolis / Cedar Riverside - Land pirates. Attempted carjacking.20xx Riverside Ave Suspects arrived in a blue Forte, HLT235, and a white Hyundai sedan
South Minneapolis - Land pirate alert. Three stolen vehicles rolling in the area of W Lake St and Grand Ave S White, maroon, black Kias occupied by juveniles, all with broken windows
Downtown Minneapolis / Loring Park - Damage to property at the school. Two suspects were trying to break windows and threatening to kill staff and blow up the school.2 BF, 17511 Groveland Ave
Minneapolis - Police report multiple stolen vehicles driving at high speed near E Franklin and 11th Ave S
South Minneapolis - Auto theft of an Uber vehicle.Loss: gray Hyundai Sonata W Lake St and Grand Ave S
St. Paul - About 7:48 p.m., robbery of a business at gunpoint. Suspect was aggressive and took money from the register.585 University Ave W, Thai restaurantSuspect: B/W mix male, 30s, slender, blue puffer jacket, beanie with hood over.
.13-year-old boy was shot in the leg in the parking lot of an apartment complex. Police arrived and applied a tourniquet. The brother said he heard two shots but didn't see anyone.12xx Herbert St
SAINT PAUL: Shots fired reported by multiple 911 callers on the 500 block of Central Ave. W. - Police have one male now detained who says he was returning fire at another shooter, described as a black male wearing all black clothing and a black ski mask
SAINT PAUL: SHOOTING - 12xx Herbert St. - Officers dispatched after a report of a juvenile male around 13 shot at the corner store. The victim was reportedly shot in the leg outside the store and ran home
North Minneapolis - Report of a reckless black Kia SUV with 4 juveniles hanging out the windows.26th and Fremont Ave N
Downtown Minneapolis - Initial report of a shooting. Off-duty officer arrived, said it's NOT a shooting but is still requesting EMS.50 S 6th St., parking garageOff duty 611623:14
Downtown Minneapolis - SHOOTING. One with a gunshot to the groin.Occurred in an apartment.Suspect: BM, 50, gray shirt, blue pants 22 E 15th St
Minneapolis - Land pirate alert. Report of two juveniles trying to break into vehicles.20xx 22nd Ave S
Minneapolis - Report of 6-7 shots heard near the new peaceful healing encampment.26xx 14th Ave S
Uptown Minneapolis - Initial report of a drive-by shooting. Police arrived, finding no one who is shot (yet), but they found casings at the intersection.32nd and Fremont Ave S Black 4D sedanSquad 510 56020:37
Report of 10-20 shots heard.28xx E Lake of the Isles Pkwy
NE Minneapolis - Carjacking at gunpoint. Suspects: 3 BM, 20sLoss: red Civic, GUL299 21xx 4th St NE
Minneapolis - Damage to property and attempted auto theft.28th and Nicollet Ave
Downtown Minneapolis - Report of a DOA from overdose.1501 Hawthorne