24 July 2024
South Minneapolis - Police report hearing about 10 gunshots near 26th and Blaisdell but toward Lake St
Minneapolis / UptownMpls - Overdose near 29xx Hennepin Ave, closer to Girard
North Minneapolis - Police report someone fired about 8 shots near the 4th Precinct on Plymouth Ave N
NE Minneapolis - Report of two people fighting in the lobby of Timber and Tie Apartments with 15 juveniles surrounding them.900 14th Ave NE NEMPLS latest up and coming problem property
Hispanic male showed up at Abbott Hospital saying he was also stabbed at 9xx Thomas Ave. N
South Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 15 rounds.37xx Chicago Ave, George Floyd
Minneapolis Stabbing. One stabbed in the arm.Suspect left in BKV175 57xx 39th Ave S12:28
MINNEAPOLIS: Multi victim shooting - 2900 block of Lyndale Ave. S. - An officer in the area reported hearing automatic gunfire, then located three victims. One victim was reported to have been shot in the leg and possibly in the face. Another victim was shot in their side.
South Minneapolis - @MplsWard10 - Police report numerous gunshots and multiple people running. SHOOTING, THREE PEOPLE ARE SHOT.29th and Lyndale Ave
North Minneapolis / @MplsWard5- SHOOTING. Police arrived, a male is shot. Drive by shooting. 7xx Queen Ave N
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 7 rounds. A deputy who responded said there's a van with two rounds through the window and a spent casing in the alley. 42xx Humboldt Ave N
NE Minneapolis - Report of a crash involving a pedestrian, hit and run. Victim has a head injury.31xx Tyler St
South Minneapolis - Report assault. A group of people hitting a vehicle with pipes, and the vehicle struck one of the people.Police said there was a prior damage to property in the area that matched the same suspects.34xx 15th Ave S in the alley
Downtown Minneapolis - Occupant/s of a green Camry, were just detained at Bobby and Steve's, 12th and Washington Ave S.Connected to a drugs and weapons investigation
Minneapolis Police arrest three juveniles related to recent robbery spreesThe Minneapolis Police Department said in a Friday press release that they have arrested three juveniles related to the recent robbery sprees.The arrests transpired with the help of concerned
SE Minneapolis - Report of a STABBING. Female stabbed in the leg and back. 1xx 27th Ave SE Suspect at 505 Malcolm Ave SE
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 9 rounds. 5xx Irving Ave, near Harrison Park 23:05
NE Minneapolis - Self inflicted shooting to the head.Police arrived. xxx 17th Ave NE
Downtown Minneapolis - Report of shots heard near 10th and Marquette. Traffic Control also reported shots near 14th and Nicollet Mall
South Minneapolis - Report of customers breaking windows of a Lyft vehicle.34xx 15th Ave S Suspects: 3 WM and 1 WF
Minneapolis - About 6:30 a.m., robbery of business at gunpoint. 60xx Portland Ave S Suspect: BM, 30s, 5ft7, slim, wearing a B/W skirt, black hoodie, black surgical mask, gold and black pistol.Loss: $89
4 month ago
DOUGLAS COUNTY: Deputies in pursuit of a stolen vehicle for nearly an hour, with the suspect ramming a squad at least once during the chase. The vehicle was eventually able to be stopped in the area of Hardwood Road and Sandy Knoll Drive, near Miltona
Police found several spent casings at 28xx 14th Ave S
Corresponding Shotspotter for 7 rounds.Police hear a car honking.Now Squad 311 has one at gunpoint west of the building.Sgt requesting officers to pair up.Now one person detained
South Minneapolis / @MplsWard9 @JChavezMpls - Report of a person with a gun at Aim Academy, also a report of a shot fired. A group of juveniles is reported to be involved.Police arrived, out with about 20 in the rear. 2830 13th Ave S
ROSEVILLE: Report of a disturbance at Chik-Fil-A, 2090 Snelling Ave. N., with a group of 30 reportedly breaking windows and a possible stabbing. Officers are on scene and have broken up the disturbance. EMS has cleared with no stabbing victim found.
South Minneapolis - Robbery of person at gunpoint while taking money out of the ATM.21xx Blaisdell Ave Suspect: Somali M, thin, brown jacket, burgundy pants
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 8 rounds.33xx Irving Ave N
South Minneapolis / @JChavezMpls @MplsWard9 - Robbery of person at gunpoint.35xx Bloomington Ave Three M suspectsLoss: keys, phone
South Minneapolis - Robbery of two people at gunpoint.31xx E Lake St in a business bathroom.Suspect: BM, early 20s, black jacket, red/black shoes, gun with extended magazine