3 December 2023
Downtown Minneapolis - Assault. Report of a WF flicking blood on peopl in the lobby of the Continental Hotel. 66 S 12th St
NE Minneapolis - Several reports of shots heard from 25th and Grand to Lowry and University Ave NE. One person said they heard a female say he shot me.
Submitted:Friend's car just got broken into. Shattered back window and disassembled steering wheel unit. 27th St W and DuPont Ave S Happened sometime between 2200 and 0000.Uptown Minneapolis
Shotspotter activation and police also heard shots.22xx Irving Ave N 23:19 Police checked the area and 4 people are in the area, checking to see if they are involved
Police just detained a burglary suspect/prowler near 18th and Nicollet Ave following a foot chase
Robbery at gunpoint.30xx Lyndale Ave S Two WM suspect fled in a gold Jeep Cherokee
Auto theft while the person ran in for pizza at Dominos. 47th and Hiawatha Ave Blue 2018 Accord, BWU81323:10
SHOOTING during an attempted robbery in the Cedar-Riverside area of downtown Minneapolis.The victim is now at a different location in SE Mpls.
Columbia Heights PD has a foot chase and one suspect was just tased. 37th and Quincy St NE 22:42
Shotspotter activation 4 rounds.33xx Lyndale Ave N 22:38
Shotspotter activation 5 rounds.21xx Irving Ave N 22:08
Shotspotter activation and police say they heard shots.38xx Clinton Ave
Robbery of person. 911 caller said their girlfriend was forced to the ground and her phone was stolen.28xx Knox Ave S
Minneapolis - Damage to property: Report of two people in black spray painting Death to Zion near E 29th/Greenway and 11th Ave S. Now fleeing on the Greenway
MPD reports a pedestrian struck at 15th and Chicago Ave in downtown Minneapolis last week. Bion Hopkins, 61, has subsequently died from his injuries. The driver has cooperated with the investigation.No arrests have been made at this point
Shooting report at North Memorial. Incident location: 28xx Emerson Ave N
Downtown Minneapolis - About 4:30 a.m., SHOOTING. Police arrived to a female shot in the leg. They applied a tourniquet and found a shell casing nearby.10th and Park Ave
MPD confirms the person with the gunshot wound found in a vehicle Monday night was deceased. The vehicle had been idling at the [41xx Humboldt Ave N] location for hours.No arrests at this point
False report of a shooting. The 911 caller updated that he called because police won't help remove the trespassers.18xx Bryant Ave N01:25Police arrived. No one is shot. Canceling EMS
An apparent shooting recipient has been found inside a vehicle that has reportedly been at the location since 3:45 p.m. Police say the person is shot in the head. 41xx Humboldt Ave N There was a Shotspotter at 36xx Queen Ave N at 3:43 p.m
Hit and run injury crash.42nd and Chicago Ave Suspect in a white pickup
SHOOTING. Male reportedly shot in the leg.7xx E 15th Std to 16th and Park Ave13:22Police arrived. Two Somali M shooters, one in a long green winter coat. Other in a black hoodie
NE Minneapolis - Robbery of person.13th Ave NE and 3rd St NE
Robbery of person at knife point at McD's. 44th and Lyndale Ave N
Shots fired during attempted auto theft. At least one bullet struck a veh.Suspect: Somali M, was a passenger in a white Kia 4-door 35xx 35th Ave S 09:50
North Minneapolis - After 7 a.m., SHOOTING. Male shot in the stomach. 17xx Plymouth Ave N Suspect: BM, 30, tan jogging suit, named Julius with WF accomplice in a multi colored coat
3:15 a.m., Quintuple SHOOTING. Two females were shot at the bar, plus a third and fourth gunshot recipients were found at the bar.A fifth gunshot recipient showed up at HCMC. 9xx Cedar Ave
MINNEAPOLIS: Shooting - 17xx Plymouth Ave. N. - Officers are on scene at an apartment after a report of a shooting. The suspect fled the scene, described as a black male around 30 wearing a tan jogging suit. EMS reports the victim is a 35-year-old male shot in the stomach
Initial report of a shooting and shots fired at an Airbnb. No victims found yet. 31xx Lyndale Ave S Squad 5. Police arrived, calling people out of the residence. Blood in the kitchen. Some people upstairs are refusing to come down.A female has an eye injury
Shotspotter activation.28xx Humboldt Ave N