20 July 2024
North Minneapolis - Sound of shots and 911 caller said a bullet came into their upper unit and into their son's bedroom. 9xx Aldrich Ave N
South Minneapolis - Robbery and assault of a female in the alley.Suspects: 5-6 people in a silver sedan 34xx 5th Ave S
Downtown Minneapolis - Robbery and assault. Police are out with a victim with a severe bleed. 5th and Hennepin Ave
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 16 rounds.13xx Olson Memorial Hwy
Downtown Minneapolis - Report of a group of 75 people in front of the building drinking, being belligerent and disrespectful to people, and blocking a parking garage.1314 Marquette Ave
South Minneapolis - Robbery at gunpoint. Suspects: five Somali M in ski masks and black hoodies 34th and Bloomington Ave
SAINT PAUL: Officers have recovered at least two spent casings after 911 callers reported hearing multiple shots fired on the 400 block of Aurora Ave., possibly from the front passenger of a white 2000-2005 Chevy Suburban or Tahoe, last seen headed eastbound on Aurora
NE Minneapolis - Report of a home invasion robbery.809 Spring St, apt911 caller said they stabbed the suspects and has three suspects tied up on the floor
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 8 rounds.10xx 34th Ave N, near Dupont
ROBBERY AND ASSAULT SPREE South Minneapolis - Report of assault of a female by 4 BM suspects in ski masks. 14xx W 26th St Suspects in a tan Infinity type vehicle01
NE Minneapolis - Report of an airsoft gun being fired from occupants inside a vehicle.Dark sedan, plate same/similar KTT511 3rd and University Ave NE
Crystal police say a motorcyclist died after a crash early this morning near 42nd Ave. N. and W. Broadway Ave. in Robbinsdale. Just before 12:30 a.m., a Crystal officer spotted the motorcyclist at a high speed and engaged in a short pursuit, which was discontinued.
South Minneapolis - Robbery of person at gunpoint.Suspects: 2 young BM fled in a white SUV, CBD479 46th and Snelling Ave Police now behind the vehicle headed toward Lake St from 26th
Downtown Minneapolis - Robbery of person at gunpoint.Eight masked suspects. 12th St and 2nd Ave, near a hotel and church
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation, full auto.Near 18th and Xerxes Ave S
South Minneapolis - Suspect reached into victim's vehicle in the store parking lot and took her purse.Suspect fled in a stolen vehicle, tan Kia Soul, plate HBW683 56xx Chicago Ave
Downtown Minneapolis - Report of a fight and 10-20 people harassing passersby and getting physical in the street.8th and Hennepin Ave
SE Minneapolis - STABBING. 17-year-old male who is stabbed went to Regions Hospital.Said it happened at 28xx St. Mary's Pl
Minneapolis / Lowry Hill - Robbery of person at gunpoint.19xx Dupont Ave
North Minneapolis - Police heard automatic gunfire 40 rounds. Shotspotter at 27xx Lowry for 21 rounds, and 32xx Upton for 24 rounds
Submitted from SE Minneapolis / Dinkytown. And police were just dispatched to the area on a report of a disturbance by 20 males, some may have guns in their hoodies
South Minneapolis - Report of multiple vehicles being broken into, in progress, and the sound of glass breaking in the area.49xx 32nd Ave S
South Minneapolis - Report of a tree that fell on power lines and two vehicles.55xx 37th Ave S
South Minneapolis - Report of robbery of person.34xx Colfax Ave S
Dakota County / Burnsville - Report of a SHOOTING.Near County Rd 11 and Echo Park Ln. Three EMS rigs requested.Before midnight
North Minneapolis - SHOOTING. Person who is shot in the butt just showed up at North Memorial. Said it happened on Lowry
North Minneapolis - A deputy just took a suspect into custody following a vehicle and foot pursuit. 37xx Sheridan Ave N
NE Minneapolis - Attempted auto thefts in the last 20 minutes. 34xx Tyler St NE, window of a Kia was broken 31xx Polk St NE, interrupted auto theftThree BM suspects in ski masks in a white Kia Soul.Also a rolling stolen Kia in the area
Police responded Monday afternoon in NE Minneapolis on a report of a woman screaming at 19xx 3rd St NE.Jeremiah Nicholas Scanlon, 11/15/1984, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic assault.He posted $10,000 bond and is now out of custody.
Large police activity in St. Louis Park for at least the last hour. Over 100 responders. Shields, rifles.Near Dakota Park.