11 December 2023
Report of a Hispanic M hitting vehicles with a metal bar. W Lake St and Emerson Ave S
Near 6th and Main St SE, Stone Arch Bridge area. The people in this car were yelling at the person filming to stop recording and not to record the plate
Police report a large group moving down 6th Ave SE [from Main] toward University Ave SE and they're launching fireworks
The driver made it into south Minneapolis and stopped on the 4700 block of E. 53rd St., where the passenger got out of the vehicle and started pushing it down the block. The driver eventually got out of the vehicle and the pair began walking toward Hiawatha
State Patrol requesting MPD assist with a vehicle that fled multiple times and rammed two squads. 47xx E 53rd St
Police in Dinkytown report a group at 5th St SE and 14th Ave SE trying to pick fights with people
Fight outside Frank and Andrea's Dinkytown.
Rochester MN police are investigating after a body of a female was found in a submerged vehicle that became visible due to low water levels.nLocated on the 4000 block of 19th St NW. They said it looked like it had been there a while
SAINT PAUL: Drowning - 19xx Burns Ave. - Saint Paul Paramedics are transporting an approximately 16-18 year old male found at the bottom of the indoor pool. It's unclear how long he was underwater. CPR is in progress
Police are looking for a suspect who tossed a gun near Lowry and Queen Ave N following a crash. The gun has been recovered. Suspect: Somali M in a long blue gown
Report of shots heard near 27th and Harriet Ave, and a possible shooting. Police arrived, no victim found
Crews have been on site of a 4-plex fire since after 9 p.m. 29xx 5th Ave S
Shotspotter activation 6 rounds. 8xx Olson Memorial Hwy
MINNEAPOLIS: Body Recovery - Lake St. Bridge - Minneapolis firefighters are on scene of the Mississippi River recovering a body near the Lake Street Bridge. Crews report the body is about 100 feet from the East bank. Ramsey County Water Patrol is responding as well
Police are in Dinkytown looking for a suspect reported to be pointing a gun at vehicles near 12xx 4th St SE. A suspect matching the description went behind the Chateau after exiting Frank and Andrea's. 01:10
Report of two males in a knife fight, and one has been stabbed. (update: no one is stabbed) 12xx Morgan Ave N 01:02 Police arrived 01:06 Both parties are very drunk and saying no one is stabbed. Police confirming no one is stabbed
Several reports of shots fired. 42xx James Ave N 01:34
Shotspotter activation 5 rounds. 25xx Emerson Ave N 00:25
Squad was struck after responding on a report of slumpers in a vehicle with a stripped ignition. Suspect vehicle tires were deflated. 37th and Lyndale Ave S WM driver, tats on face, gray sweatshirt, black satchel, Native or Hispanic F passenger
Report of injury crash at/near the Loew's Hotel involving multiple vehicles. 601 N 1st Ave
Police are with an assault victim at 3rd and Norm McGrew Pl by the LRT and US Bank Stadium in MplsDowntown. The victim said he didn't know what happened and thought he was stabbed in the back. Happened on the Metro Transit platform at 4th and Chicago Ave.
Auto theft. A group of juveniles broke 911 callers vehicle window at/near Pizza Luce. 22xx E Franklin Ave Suspects fled in a white Hyundai Tucson 23:10
Second activation 7 rounds. 51xx Lyndale Ave N
Shotspotter activation 5 rounds. 50xx N 6th St 23:03
SAINT PAUL: Shots Fired - 9xx Earl St - Squads on scene of shots fired. Officers say a male wearing green pants got out of the backseat of a silver Chevy Cruze with black rims and shot at another vehicle. The Cruze then fled towards Forest St
Making contact with a male in the back yard. Sound of a melee. Male is not cooperating
Shotspotter activation 5 rounds. Police in the area also heard shots. 33xx 3rd Ave S 00:12
Several people detained at a residence at 13xx Irving Ave N (near Plymouth) following a fleeing vehicle crash. nRed Traverse. Requesting back up. Six people with hands up, and three dogs.n23:37
DnCarjacking at gunpoint. 44xx 15th Ave S Loss: Gray/silver Camry, JME594 Suspect: BM, face mask, black sweater 23:20
Carjacking at gunpoint. 44xx 15th Ave S Loss: Gray Camry Suspect: BM, face mask, black sweater 23:20