20 July 2024
St. Louis Park police officers responded to an apartment complex in the 2500 block of Nevada Ave. S., St. Louis Park, with reports that one individual had suffered multiple gunshot wounds.
South Minneapolis - Officer says their squad was nearly struck at 50th and Nicollet by a white SUV. Not chasing.Squad 501, which is a sergeant, who has the authority to pursue, but didn't
North Minneapolis - 911 caller reports a group of 4 with guns who are pointing them at passersby. Penn Ave N and W Broadway Ave, this is near the Capri Theater, which was shot up last week.
North Minneapolis - Property damage hit and run crash. 911 caller said a suspect in a dark sedan rammed their vehicle with their kids inside.Suspect has driver's side damage, missing driver's mirror.30xx Oliver Ave N
South Minneapolis - Female robbed at gunpoint, via Spanish language line.Suspects: Two BM, on foot E 26th St and 10th Ave S
North Minneapolis Shotspotter activation indicating full auto and a moving shooter, drive-by 35xx Dupont Ave N
Early morning warrant raid at the former Elan Uptown Luxury Apartment building. 28xx Emerson Ave S
3 masked BM juveniles in face masks, in a black Elantra with no rear plate 23nd and Pillsbury Ave 7:50 a.m. robbery of person. Suspects: 2 masked M in a black vehicle 44th and Garfield Ave Several policemen saw the suspects
South Minneapolis - Carjacking. Suspect: dark skin M, gray hoodie dark skin F, blue sweater, pink cap, jeans, sandals, arrived in a silver Civic, LHE227Loss: black Chevy Cruze, LKB615Squad 32200:15
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 4 rounds. 26xx Irving Ave N
North Minneapolis - Police searching for a tall WM in all black in connection to a domestic assault with knife. Has a backpack and a silver/black kitchen knife.Currently wanted for 2nd degree domestic assault. 22xx Ilion Ave N
North Minneapolis - SHOOTING. Possibly multiple people shot.Police arrived. Two are shot, one in the leg, one in the butt Suspect: wearing a hat, may be in an adjacent apartmentCorresponding Shotspotter activation 4 rounds.19xx Upton Ave
South Minneapolis - Report of a person with a gun and possibly 2 shots fired. 911 caller said a neighbor has a long gun and may be firing at animals.43xx 45th Ave S
North Minneapolis - About 7 a.m., there was a SWAT raid at a residence near the problem area of 36th and Penn Ave N. The area of a recent shooting homicide, other shootings, shots fired, drugs, and a shot dog found in a dumpster. Several were detained
NE Minneapolis - Police say a stolen white 2020 Kia Sorrento nearly struck them on 2nd St NE
South Minneapolis - MFD responding to a bonfire at the encampment and there's a two-squad minimum required to respond. 2930 Blaisdell Ave
South Minneapolis - Female 911 caller said five people were pointing guns at her at Karmel Mall.All on foot, in black, one in a tan shirt. 2910 Pillsbury Ave
North Minneapolis - 911 caller reports a male is following them and threatening to assault them for.. cleaning up trash in the area. Queen and W Broadway Ave
NE Minneapolis - Auto theft in progress at the problem property apartments.9xx 14th Ave NE Suspects arrived in a black Corolla
South Minneapolis - Robbery at gunpoint Suspects: Two Somali M, early 20s, one in gray hoodie, other black hoodie and a maskLoss: $800 cash 20xx Blaisdell Ave S, near Franklin
North Minneapolis - Two stolen black Kias spotted in the area of 52nd and Bryant Ave N and one occupant was reported to be waving a gun around. One or both may have been involved in theft and/or reckless activity
South Minneapolis - Police report two stolen Kias driving erraticallyCNV148 - previously involved in NEMPLS thefts KVH472 One driver in a black coat with a fur lined hoodie. 22nd and Lyndale Ave S
WOODBURY: 7200 Valley Creek Plaza - At approximately 9:30 a.m., officers reported they were fighting with one with a gun in the parking lot of Target. The suspect was able to get in a vehicle and is said to be non-compliant. The store has been placed on lockdown and a SWAT team
SE Minneapolis - Report of a prowler who broke in and is trying to steal bicycles 7xx 4th St SE
North Minneapolis - Report of robbery at gunpoint 35xx Newton Ave N
NE Minneapolis - A Park officer says an unlicensed silver Dodge Durango nearly rammed them at 27th and Marshall St NE
2 month ago
ST. MICHAEL: Highway 101 and 53rd St. NE. - Police officers were in pursuit of a pickup truck. A PIT maneuver was performed on the exit ramp when the suspects vehicle rolled. Police reported the suspect suffered a severe head injury and requested a medical helicopter to the scene
Violence.SE Minneapolis Dinkytown UMN robbery and assault captured on video.About 5:30 p.m. at 11th Ave SE and 7th St SE
South Minneapolis - Robbery at gunpoint by two suspects in ski masks, both armed. 26xx Stevens Ave
SHOOTING. A person who is shot rolled up at North Memorial. No location info yet