20 July 2024
Minneapolis - Report of a fight at an encampment involving about 30 people.3rd and Franklin Ave
South Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 9 rounds.7xx E 27th St
South Minneapolis - SHOOTING. Report of one shot in the stomach.36xx Columbus Ave
South Minneapolis - Sound of 10 shots heard.31xx 15th Ave S
5 month ago
This is a triple homicide and the weapon used has not been recovered. A suspect vehicle is reported to be a blue 2016 Nissan Altima, plate KLP-678
5 month ago
COON RAPIDS: Officers are on scene of a shooting-apparently domestic related-at a home on the 200 block of 94th Ave. NW. - A male victim is reported to be down from a gunshot wound near the front of the house and officers have found another person down inside
Coon Rapids - Police are on site of what sounds like a domestic shooting. One male is reported down and appears DOA. A child was apparently extracted from the home
Minneapolis - Police report three vehicles with broken windows taking off from 46th Nicollet Ave S.One is plate LDT491, which is a stolen vehicle
Downtown Minneapolis - Robbery and attempted sexual assault by a person the 911 caller met online and invited over.4xx Marquette Ave
North Minneapolis - Convoy of three likely stolen vehicles in the area. Police not pursuing. Reported earlier as:Silver Kia LDT 491Red Tucson CSD594 Blue Kia Sportage DLS578 34th and Lyndale Ave
NE Minneapolis - Another robbery by possibly the same land pirates from earlier on Washington. Occurred near NE Palace, near 4th and Lowry Ave NE 01:35
South Minneapolis - Robbery of person.W Lake St and Colfax Ave s
South Minneapolis - Robbery of person. Suspect in a blue van possible ran over a person. Plate CDB360E Franklin and Nicollet Ave
South Minneapolis - MNDOC just took a suspect into custody at 2837 Emerson Ave S (former Elan Uptown Luxury Apts).We'll update when the booking becomes available.DOC stopped to assist Bloomington PD at the standoff at 32nd and Emerson Ave S. Numerous squads have responded
Bloomington police have suspects at gunpoint at 32nd and Emerson Ave S, not cooperating
Minneapolis - A garbage or crane truck hit an electric pole, wires are down and on the truck, and wires are arcing and sparking.44th and York Ave S Engine 28, squad for traffic control10:19
This shooting was fatal, with a 47-year-old male victim dying at the hospital.
South Minneapolis - Police behind a previously carjacked vehicle at gunpoint occupied by 2 Native juvenile males. Occurred on the 23rd, so Sgt does not authorize pursuit. Vehicle is taking off. Terminating. 31st and 2nd Ave S
MINNEAPOLIS: Near 32nd Street and Emerson Ave. S. - Burnsville and Bloomington PD out with a male and have him at gunpoint. 10:50 a.m.-MPD en-route to assist, he's not complying to commands. 10:58 a.m.-K9, SWAT and three negotiators en-route.-SWAT is handling the lethal portion.
MINNEAPOLIS: Shooting reported at Cliff N Norm's Bar, 2024 Washington Ave. N. - Victim was transported to the hospital in a private vehicle, unknown extent of injury. Suspect vehicle reported to be a white Impala
North Minneapolis - SHOOTING. 20xx Washington Ave N, Cliff n Norms barSquad 424 23:50 Police arrived, person who was shot was transported away in a vehicle, according to security
Police in north Minneapolis report hearing rapid fire gunshots. Near Dowling and Dupont Ave N23:47
South Minneapolis - Report of a structure fire, security reported black smoke coming from the trash chute. People are evacuating. 14xx E 22nd St, apartments23:18
Downtown Minneapolis - Metro Transit police found a person who is stabbed at 8th and Hennepin Ave.A suspect is reportedly in custody
Minneapolis - Stolen vehicle in the area of 45th and Humboldt Ave N, deputies not pursuing.Black Kia, plate KGM139
Early morning, New Brighton PD nabbed two juveniles from a stolen vehicle. They were transported to a north Minneapolis address at 9xx Morgan Ave N
Minneapolis - Robbery of customers at gunpoint inside a business. Also cash taken from the register.6000 Portland Ave S, Speedway Suspect: BM, 30s, dreads, black sweater and pants, brown bootsRichfield being notified.
Minneapolis - Domestic stabbing of the ex-boyfriend after he broke into the residence. 26xx 17th Ave S Male is stabbed in the head/face, chest, abdomen, and cheek
South Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation at the peaceful healing encampment.26th and 14th Ave
South Minneapolis - Robbery of person report. 34xx 21st Ave S