20 July 2024
NE Minneapolis - Police say a stolen white 2020 Kia Sorrento nearly struck them on 2nd St NE
South Minneapolis - MFD responding to a bonfire at the encampment and there's a two-squad minimum required to respond. 2930 Blaisdell Ave
South Minneapolis - Female 911 caller said five people were pointing guns at her at Karmel Mall.All on foot, in black, one in a tan shirt. 2910 Pillsbury Ave
North Minneapolis - 911 caller reports a male is following them and threatening to assault them for.. cleaning up trash in the area. Queen and W Broadway Ave
NE Minneapolis - Auto theft in progress at the problem property apartments.9xx 14th Ave NE Suspects arrived in a black Corolla
South Minneapolis - Robbery at gunpoint Suspects: Two Somali M, early 20s, one in gray hoodie, other black hoodie and a maskLoss: $800 cash 20xx Blaisdell Ave S, near Franklin
North Minneapolis - Two stolen black Kias spotted in the area of 52nd and Bryant Ave N and one occupant was reported to be waving a gun around. One or both may have been involved in theft and/or reckless activity
South Minneapolis - Police report two stolen Kias driving erraticallyCNV148 - previously involved in NEMPLS thefts KVH472 One driver in a black coat with a fur lined hoodie. 22nd and Lyndale Ave S
WOODBURY: 7200 Valley Creek Plaza - At approximately 9:30 a.m., officers reported they were fighting with one with a gun in the parking lot of Target. The suspect was able to get in a vehicle and is said to be non-compliant. The store has been placed on lockdown and a SWAT team
SE Minneapolis - Report of a prowler who broke in and is trying to steal bicycles 7xx 4th St SE
North Minneapolis - Report of robbery at gunpoint 35xx Newton Ave N
NE Minneapolis - A Park officer says an unlicensed silver Dodge Durango nearly rammed them at 27th and Marshall St NE
2 month ago
ST. MICHAEL: Highway 101 and 53rd St. NE. - Police officers were in pursuit of a pickup truck. A PIT maneuver was performed on the exit ramp when the suspects vehicle rolled. Police reported the suspect suffered a severe head injury and requested a medical helicopter to the scene
Violence.SE Minneapolis Dinkytown UMN robbery and assault captured on video.About 5:30 p.m. at 11th Ave SE and 7th St SE
South Minneapolis - Robbery at gunpoint by two suspects in ski masks, both armed. 26xx Stevens Ave
SHOOTING. A person who is shot rolled up at North Memorial. No location info yet
North Minneapolis - A dog was found in a dumpster that appears to be shot. 35xx Penn Ave N, yes, that neighborhood where all the shootings, shots, drugs, and homicides have been happening.
North Minneapolis - Report of a female fighting in the street saying someone is trying to steal her vehicle. 12th and Knox Ave N
North Minneapolis - Injury crash. Black sedan crashed and several of Mary's Monsters fled on foot. Dispatcher said they're likely related to the robbery s. 6th St N and 23rd Ave N
South Minneapolis - MPD and MFD on an encampment fire that is reportedly encroaching the Park Square Condos.29xx Blaisdell Ave
South Minneapolis - Male found down with a head injury. 38th and Chicago Ave, near George Floyd Square One person is telling police that someone may have jumped out a window. Language barrier with witnesses and residents.
South Minneapolis - Before 8 a.m., robbery, purse taken.Suspect: Light skin BM juvenile, afro, blue mask, blue hoodie, in a white SUVLoss: $1300 cash, documents 26xx Minnehaha Ave
North Minneapolis - Stand-off situation with a male reportedly armed with a knife. Started as a physical domestic. Male said he would fight with police. 44th and Penn Ave N
North Minneapolis - Police report hearing shots. Also two corresponding Shotspotter activations 3 23 rounds. 21xx Lyndale Ave N
North Minneapolis - Quick Stop, again. Report of 15-20 males and females fighting and smoking narcotics. 3601 Penn Ave N
South Minneapolis - Police requesting MFD to a vacant house for the smell of natural gas. 31xx Harriet Ave S
NE Minneapolis - Group of 5-6 juveniles throwing fireworks at houses and passing vehicles.22xx Fillmore St NE
Downtown Minneapolis - Report of robbery of person inside the PPL living facility, 1205 Chestnut.Suspect: BM, 28, heavy, white hoodie, has barricaded himself in another unit
South Minneapolis - Police arrived on a report of people trying to set up camp at 28xx Columbus Ave S.
South Minneapolis - Carjacking at gunpoint.Loss: gray Nissan RogueSuspects in a green Camry and a red Dodge Charger with black stripes 19xx Columbus Ave Police arrived. EMS for the victim who was punched in the head