24 July 2024
South Minneapolis - Group of about 100 shooting fireworks at cars at Cedar and W Lake Nokomis Pkwy
South Minneapolis - Report of someone who threw a pipe bomb into the peaceful healing encampment at E 28th St and 14th Ave S. Police asking for clarification if it was a firework or a real pipe bomb
SAINT PAUL: Police have recovered at least 7 shell casings after a report of shots fired near University Ave. W. and Farrington St. - There are no confirmed gunshot victims. Officers on scene are now reporting a large fight after a gathering of over 200,
SAINT PAUL: A gunshot victim arrived at Regions Hospital a short time ago, with the shooting reportedly occurring outside a bar on the 500 block of Blair Ave. - Officers are checking for a shooting scene and the extent of the victim's injury is not yet available
SAINT PAUL: Officers on scene after a report of a shooting near Marshall Ave. and Chatsworth St. - The gunshot victim is being transported to the hospital in a private vehicle, and officers are forming a perimeter in the area.
Downtown Minneapolis - Police are dealing with reports of a phone theft, a robbery, and assault along 1st Ave N near 6th St, near the Target Center
South Minneapolis - Police are with a female whose tires were shot out near E 40th to 41st on 5th Ave S
MINNEAPOLIS: YWCA, 2121 E. Lake St. - Police dealing with a large disturbance at a basketball tournament. There had been reports of fighting and possible shots heard, but there is no report of injury. A large police presence is in the area now and officers are working to clear
South Minneapolis - OFFICER HELP CALL.Police on site at the Lake St YMCA, possible shots fired. There had been reports of a large crowd, fights, and people with guns. Up to 300 people on site where there was a basketball tourney.2121 E Lake St
NE Minneapolis - Police have a car of fireworks suspects stopped at 8th and Sibley St NE, near Boom Island. Plate KGM144Ot her cars are leaving over 8th Ave to the north side
SE Minneapolis / Dinkytown - Police report an unwanted group at Frank and Andrea's.12th Ave SE and 4th St SE
NE Minneapolis - Police report 3 cars full of fireworks suspects. Requesting more squads.One plate is EZJ910 8th Ave NE and Ramsey, near Boom Island
South Minneapolis - Robbery and assault of an elderly male by a group with firearms. Chicago Ave and E Lake St
MINNEAPOLIS: Officers responding to a shooting on the 2100 block of Eliot Ave., reporting finding a male victim with gunshot wounds to the neck and chest. He was conscious and breathing at the scene and is being transported to the hospital
South Minneapolis - Carjacking and assault.Suspects: 4 BMLoss: Red Honda Fit, plate contains DB 155 18xx La Salle Ave
South Minneapolis - Police report the sound of automatic gunfire north of the 5th Precinct, which is at 31st and Nicollet Ave
North Minneapolis - Robbery of person at gunpoint, and victim was pistol whipped for their backpack by two male suspects.27xx Colfax Ave N
SAINT PAUL: Officers are on scene of a large disturbance involving several hundred people at a Central High School athletic field. There have been several reports of fights breaking out and officers have requested assistance from other districts
2 week ago
From Anoka PD: The Anoka Police Department is investigating a reported shooting of an adult male on July 2nd at approximately 5:05 pm. At that time, officers responded to the area of 6th Ave and Jackson St on a report of a male laying in the street.
North Minneapolis - Report of a person with a gun at the Webber Park Library parking lot.Suspects: several juveniles 44th and Humboldt Ave N
From SPPD: Fatal shooting in St. Paul on the 800 block of York Avenue. More to come
Homicide at 1:15 a.m. at SPPD Headquarters (367 Grove Street) in the lobby
SPPD has confirmed the homicide investigationHomicide investigationSaint Paul police officers are on the 800 block of York Avenue investigating a shooting that resulted in the death of one person.
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation and report of shots heard. 44th and Queen Ave N
SE Minneapolis - Robbery at gunpoint .Five suspects, two had guns. (Somali or BM) 6xx 8th St SE Dispatcher said it may be the same suspects we just posted in the robbery near Children's Hospital
South Minneapolis robbery at gunpoint and assault of a female by 5 BM or Somali M outside Children's Hospital .Suspects were in a vehicle. At least two had guns.25th and Chicago Ave
Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 6 rounds. 14xx E Lake St Shotspotter activation at Andersen School 2727 10th Ave S
SAINT PAUL: Officers are on scene of the 800 block of York Ave. after a report of shooting. They've found a male victim shot in the chest, reporting he is not conscious and not breathing. There is no suspect information initially available.
Downtown Minneapolis / Loring Park - Overnight carjacking about 4:30 a.m. A shot was reportedly fired. Loss: Silver Rav4, plate Chris B 2xx Oak Grove 20 minutes later, another person near MCTC said they were robbed of their pants, phone and jewelry by 5 Somali Male
CROOKSTON: officers were dispatched to a fight at Care and Share, a homeless shelter located in the 200 block of E. 3rd Street. Officers arrived and located a male on the 2nd floor who was initially reported to be belligerent with officers and at one point a taser was deployed. Shortly after, shots were fired by an officer and the suspect was struck, according to initial radio dispatches. Emergency personnel performed CPR but the male was pronounced deceased on scene. The Minnesota BCA is now responding to investigate the incident.