20 July 2024
South Minneapolis - Robbery at gunpoint.Loss: backpack 29th and Pillsbury Ave
SE Minneapolis - Report of shots heard near 601 Main St SE.Also received a message from a follower who heard them from 4th St SE and 12th Ave SE.Police were dispatched but they said it sounded like fireworks
North Minneapolis - Police report more shots heard near Lowry and Oliver Ave N. Corresponding Shotspotter activation 19 rounds
North Minneapolis - Police report hearing shots near 25th and Girard/Humboldt Ave N.Corresponding Shotspotter at 29xx Morgan Ave N
South Minneapolis - STABBING. Suspect: Native M, 26, 5ft 931xx 23rd Ave
SE Minneapolis - Report of gunshots, and now a bullet hole in the 911 caller's daughter's bedroom. 4xx 12th Ave SE
South Minneapolis - Business burglary discovered this morning, dental office. 47xx Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis STABBING at the Metro Transit Franklin LRT station. Person was reportedly stabbed 6 times. Significant loss of blood.Suspect: Native M, 6ft, black hoodie, blue jeans. 1808 E Franklin Ave Scene was found in front of Max-it Pawn
3 month ago
Brooklyn Park officers were dispatched to reports of shots fired in the area Brookdale Dr. and STHWY 252. Officers located evidence of gunfire in the southbound lanes of STHWY 252, between Brookdale Dr. and 73rd
2 officers shot by suspect wearing body armor outside home in Minnetonka, Minnesota3 month ago
2 officers shot by suspect wearing body armor outside home in Minnetonka, Minnesota
North Minneapolis - Police are on site of a stabbing that occurred at North Commons Park. Suspects are unknown to the victim
3 month ago
Shoreview - Possible stand-off developing on xxxx Bucher Ave.A 911 caller claimed he did cocaine and shot a female. Dispatcher is relaying that there are some irregularities with the phone number and where it's coming from [maybe a possible swatting incident]
3 month ago
Ramsey, MN death investigation. From the Anoka County Sheriff's Office:On April 8, 2024, at approximately 9:58 A.M., the Ramsey Police Department and Anoka County Sheriff’s Office responded to a welfare check at Rum River Central Park in the City of Ramsey.
South Minneapolis - About 11:40 p.m., confirmed DOA of a female from a reported overdose. 24xx 12th Ave S
SE Minneapolis - Assault and attempted robbery Suspects: 7 in hoodies 9xx Washington Ave SE
North Minneapolis - Report of a person with a gun at a birthday party for a 1-year-old. Now a report of shots heard.Also a Shotspotter activation.Suspect: BF, heavyset, all pink jogging suit 22xx W Broadway Ave
South Minneapolis - Rescue en route for a report of one in full arrest at the mosque. 2910 Pillsbury Ave
A person who is shot showed up at Abbott Hospital in south Minneapolis, and they have a firearm with them
South Minneapolis - Report of a SHOOTING. Possible carjacking attempt.45xx Grand Ave S
South Minneapolis - Report of a male with a gun. 911 caller said they're at a parking lot at Karmel Mall and were being surrounded.Police arrived, and a male ran. Male now in custody, rifle recovered by police.
South Minneapolis - Report of a threat with a knife. The suspect took off toward a homeless encampment.41xx 32nd Ave S
North Minneapolis - Report of a shot heard and 911 caller said a bullet went through their oven and may have struck a gas line. Possibly came from a neighbor's house. 52xx Girard Ave N
South Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation and 911 caller reporting shots heard. 24xx 11th Ave S
That two people were chased down by police and taken into custody after fleeing from a vehicle near 24th and Clinton to 22nd and 4th Ave S.Early this morning, officers from the Fifth Precinct arrested a 16-year-old and a 14-year-old
South Minneapolis - Robbery of person. Suspect fled into Cedars 94 Apts. 22xx E Franklin Ave
Brooklyn Park Police responded to the area of Regent Ave N and Brookdale Dr N after receiving a report of someone being shot in the leg. Upon arrival, officers found the victim
North Minneapolis - Police are on site of a family brawl and multiple people are stabbed or cut. 13xx Emerson Ave N
Downtown Minneapolis - Report of a guest at an Airbnb is threatening to kill everyone inside.6xx E 16th St ($50/night according to Airbnb)
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation. 22xx W Broadway Ave, at Penn Ave N
North Minneapolis - Police report about 5 shots heard near Lowry and Morgan Ave N