11 December 2023
MINNEAPOLIS: Report of a shooting following a one-round activation on the 3500 block of Penn Ave. N. - Officers found a male gunshot victim down in the alley and CPR was underway around 5:35 a.m
NE Minneapolis - Report of shots heard near 35th and Cleveland St NE. Police in the area say they heard the shots near 34th and Ulysses St NE. They're checking the area
These shots were also heard across the river in Columbia Heights
Shotspotter activation 14 rounds, and 911 reports of shots heard. 48xx - 49xx Bryant Ave N
Shotspotter activation 9 rounds. 10xx Aldrich Ave N
Lauderdale - Report of business robbery or attempt. A male brandished a gun and told staff to empty the register. 24xx Larpenteur Ave
Report of assault at Raising Cane's on 3000 Snelling Ave, several on one. Now a report that the suspects threatened to fire shots
Minneapolis - About 3:40 a.m., burglary at Tuttle School. Several people fled when police arrived. 18th Ave SE near Como Ave SEAt least three were taken into custody it sounded like.
Before 6 a.m., report of a SHOOTING. A naked female had significant trauma to her head at the bus stop and was in seizure. EMS couldn't immediately determine if she was shot or assaulted. She was transported to the hospital. 39th and Nicollet Ave
Shotspotter activations 15 6 rounds 18xx Elliot Ave 19xx Chicago Ave 02:38
Two Shotspotter activations. 21xx 11th Ave S 10xx E 21st St 02:30
Shotspotter activation 3 rounds.31xx Chicago Ave01:56
An off-duty officer in NE Minneapolis reported hearing a volley of automatic gunfire, and there are 911 calls reporting shots near 16xx California St NE
Minneapolis - Possible catalytic converter theft in progress.25xx Garfield Ave S
Police have connected this shooting to the earlier automatic gunfire we posted at 15th and Aldrich Ave N.That would be automatic gunfire
Police are checking on a gray Jeep on 24th Ave N and 4th St N that security reported was shot up.
Police in the North Loop report hearing possible automatic gunfire.There's also a Shotspotter activation for 23 rounds at 15th and Aldrich Ave N.Also other 911 reports of shots in the area
Police report about 100 protesters with an antifa flag near 12th and Washington Ave S in downtown Minneapolis. This is again near Sen. Klobuchar's office. Near 35W
Minneapolis - Report of a disturbance. Several tents being set up.28xx Cedar Ave 14:45
Shotspotter activation 23xx Upton Ave N 14:38
Shotspotter activation near the encampment.13xx E 22nd St Squad 311
Report of shots heard.25th and Blaisdell Ave Squad 51 201:36
Minneapolis - Police were flagged down by people at/near the 23rd and 13th Ave encampment who said a person was firing shots from a black Civic
Theft of a gray Accord by masked male suspects who arrived on bicycles. 35xx Bryant Ave N
Report of shots heard near 38th and Chicago Ave, George Floyd Square 20:48
Police on site of a stabbing. Non-life-threatening. Female suspect is detained.27xx Oliver Ave N
Police report hearing 5 - 6 shots SW of the 4th Precinct on Plymouth Ave N Also Shotspotter activation 8 rounds at 15xx Newton Ave N
Report of a hit and run of a pedestrian.24th and Pleasant Ave20:02
Report of car prowlers traveling in two vehicles, each occupied by several people. Red GMC and a silver Tahoe 44th and Snelling Ave
Report of shots fired during a robbery. Info through [foreign] language line.E Lake St and Clinton Ave S