20 July 2024
South Minneapolis - About 11:40 p.m., confirmed DOA of a female from a reported overdose. 24xx 12th Ave S
SE Minneapolis - Assault and attempted robbery Suspects: 7 in hoodies 9xx Washington Ave SE
North Minneapolis - Report of a person with a gun at a birthday party for a 1-year-old. Now a report of shots heard.Also a Shotspotter activation.Suspect: BF, heavyset, all pink jogging suit 22xx W Broadway Ave
South Minneapolis - Rescue en route for a report of one in full arrest at the mosque. 2910 Pillsbury Ave
A person who is shot showed up at Abbott Hospital in south Minneapolis, and they have a firearm with them
South Minneapolis - Report of a SHOOTING. Possible carjacking attempt.45xx Grand Ave S
South Minneapolis - Report of a male with a gun. 911 caller said they're at a parking lot at Karmel Mall and were being surrounded.Police arrived, and a male ran. Male now in custody, rifle recovered by police.
South Minneapolis - Report of a threat with a knife. The suspect took off toward a homeless encampment.41xx 32nd Ave S
North Minneapolis - Report of a shot heard and 911 caller said a bullet went through their oven and may have struck a gas line. Possibly came from a neighbor's house. 52xx Girard Ave N
South Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation and 911 caller reporting shots heard. 24xx 11th Ave S
That two people were chased down by police and taken into custody after fleeing from a vehicle near 24th and Clinton to 22nd and 4th Ave S.Early this morning, officers from the Fifth Precinct arrested a 16-year-old and a 14-year-old
South Minneapolis - Robbery of person. Suspect fled into Cedars 94 Apts. 22xx E Franklin Ave
Brooklyn Park Police responded to the area of Regent Ave N and Brookdale Dr N after receiving a report of someone being shot in the leg. Upon arrival, officers found the victim
North Minneapolis - Police are on site of a family brawl and multiple people are stabbed or cut. 13xx Emerson Ave N
Downtown Minneapolis - Report of a guest at an Airbnb is threatening to kill everyone inside.6xx E 16th St ($50/night according to Airbnb)
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation. 22xx W Broadway Ave, at Penn Ave N
North Minneapolis - Police report about 5 shots heard near Lowry and Morgan Ave N
St. Paul - Report of shots fired into a house. Police arrived and found bullet holes in the windows.A juvenile has a shrapnel injury.14xx Case Ave E
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation and sound of shots reported to 911 and a car speeding off.35xx Penn Ave N
NE Minneapolis - Auto theft at Holy Land.25xx Central Ave NE
South Minneapolis - Sound of shots. Police arrived and found casings in the alley. Said it was a possible robbery.20xx Pleasant Ave S
South Minneapolis - Report of shots heard, 25 4.30xx Longfellow Ave
South Minneapolis - Police heard 8-10 shots, now a Shotspotter activation for 9 rounds.21xx 13th Ave S
South Minneapolis - Attempted robbery/carjacking. 24xx Blaisdell Ave
South Minneapolis - Report of a business burglary. A WM is sleeping inside a laundromat.26xx E 38th St Police arrived. Door was open. One detained
Roseville - Report of a strong-arm robbery at Total Wine. Suspects: 3 under age BF in a stolen gray Highlander. plate same/similar JTR443
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 6 rounds.17xx Sheridan Ave N
South Minneapolis - Police heard a volley of shots.Near Target on E Lake St, near Hiawatha
North Minneapolis - SHOOTING. Report of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.42xx Penn Ave N
South Minneapolis - SHOOTING. Police on site with someone who has been shot, they're in a vehicle. Party is unresponsive. Reportedly happened on the north side though. 26th and Longfellow Ave S