24 July 2024
Downtown Minneapolis - Police report shots fired. No apparent victims.Gay 90s lot, 4th and Hennepin Ave Suspect getting into a red Jeep, G*M153Police now have the jeep pulled over.Spent casings recovered
North Minneapolis - Police report hearing 8-10 shots south of the 4th Precinct.Also a Shotspotter activation
NE Minneapolis - Police report hearing about 20 shots.West of 27th and University Ave NE. Police found a bunch of casings in the BP gas parking lot.Possible silver Dodge Charger involved
Downtown Minneapolis - Assault at/near the bus stop.14th and Chicago Ave
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 7 rounds, plus 911 callers 48xx Colfax Ave N
Minneapolis - Robbery at gunpoint.Near W 37th St and Nicollet Ave 3 BM in hoodies in a dark sedan
North Minneapolis - Several Shotspotter activations and 911 reports of shots heard.26xx to 29xx Newton Ave N
South Minneapolis - Robbery at gunpoint of a female.29xx Colfax Ave SSuspects: three in ski masks, in a red sedan
South Minneapolis - Robbery of person at gunpoint near MCAD.25th and Stevens Ave Suspects in red and black sedan
South Minneapolis - Police report hearing 14-20 shots near Little Earth.25th and Cedar Ave
South Minneapolis - Report of a group of BM who threatened to shoot up a grocery store earlier. Now they're circling the area in a black Suburban.18th-19th and Nicollet Ave
South Minneapolis - Robbery of person by two males.26th and Bloomington Ave
South Minneapolis - Police heard shots near E 40th St and 4th Ave S
Carjacking at gunpoint of female. 25xx Harriet Ave S Three BM suspects Loss: 2020 black Acura MDX, FZP931The vehicle tracked to Lowry / Logan Ave N a short time later where police briefly pursued but lost it.Police said the suspects live near 17th and Oliver Ave N
South Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation at E 28th St and 11th Ave S, at/near the peaceful healing encampment
North Minneapolis - Police report hearing multiple shots. 33rd and Knox Ave N
NE Minneapolis - Report of assault on an employee on the way into work. Victim has a head injury.Suspect in a blue Jeep 4x4 26xx Ridgway Pkwy
Golden Valley - Starting about 11:30 p.m., law enforcement had a ground search for suspects near North Memorial Hospital. One was reported to be a 12-year-old male.A female was also detained.The track broke down a few minutes ago
SE Minneapolis - Overdose at the Metro Transit Prospect Park LRT station.315 29th Ave SE
South Minneapolis - Robbery carjacking of person at gunpoint.Suspects: 3 juvenile BM in a red vehicle 31xx Blaisdell Ave
North Minneapolis - Police report three likely stolen vehicles at high speed.W Broadway and Emerson Ave N
Minneapolis - A hysterical female called 911 after she was carjacked at gunpoint.Loss: 2023 red Honda CRV, 1RX220 31st and Aldrich Ave S
NE Minneapolis - Occupants of two stolen vehicles exchanging items.Red Elantra, FEJ498, white Elantra, GEX233 2318 Jefferson St NE, the vibrant Hook and Ladder Apts13:42
Minneapolis - Report of 4 males with long guns at 19th and Nicollet Ave.The sergeant replied back that it's armed security for the block.
Downtown Minneapolis - About 3 a.m., carjacking at gunpoint. 14xx Nicollet Ave Suspects: 2 young BM, masks, both had gunsLoss: VW Passat, blac, HXC932
Crime spree in progress this morning. South Minneapolis - Robbery of person. 21xx Portland Ave
South Minneapolis - Carjacking at gunpoint. White 2019 Mazda 3, DHD542 21xx Clinton Ave S Suspects arrived in a red vehicleAt least three suspects, including 2 BM, 20s. One in black hoodie, another in a red hoodie. Both in masks
North Minneapolis - Four BM in masks stealing license plates.Suspects in a white vehicle and a red Cruze vehicle. 34xx N 4th St
NE Minneapolis - Stolen vehicle outside Edison HS. Swerving and speedinf.700 22nd Ave NE White Hyundai, GEX233, occupied by 3 to 4. Broken rear window
South Minneapolis - Interrupted home burglary. Suspect fled when confronted.26xx 17th Ave S