20 July 2024
NE Minneapolis - Police report hearing a volley of shots near 23rd Ave NE from 4th to 5th St NE
MINNEAPOLIS: Officers dispatched behind the Handy Stop at 2600 W. Broadway for a report of a person down, a possible DOA in the alley. Officers arrived around 12:25 a.m. and reported the person was shot.
South Minneapolis / Edina - Land pirates prowling vehicles.Suspects in a gray BMW X3, KBE839, one passenger in a white bandana42nd and France Ave S13:34
Minneapolis - Theft from a construction trailer.Suspects: Two BM fled on foot between houses 55xx 17th Ave S
Minneapolis - Auto theft.3xx E Lake St Loss: 2007 gray Honda Civic, GEX37022:55
South Minneapolis - Report of a 14-year-old stabbed in the hand by a younger sibling.38xx Park Ave S
North Minneapolis - 8:25 p.m., report of shots fired and a 911 caller said at least one round entered their bedroom.12xx 22nd Ave N
SAINT PAUL: Shots fired reported by multiple 911 callers on the 300 block of Larpenteur Ave. E. - No initial report of injury but officers said a vehicle was struck by gunfire.
5 month ago
Police were dispatched to the 300 block of 4th St SW in Willmar after a 9-1-1 call from a victim indicating that someone had threated him with a knife.
SE Minneapolis - Before 9 a.m., 4 to 5 suspects filled garbage bags with merch at CVS and fled.Suspects: BMs in ski masks 880 Washington Ave SE UMPD chased some of them down. At least some were taken into custody
North Minneapolis - 3:32 a.m., Shotspotter activation 21 rounds indicating full auto gunfire.25xx Logan Ave N
North Minneapolis - 3:01 a.m., Shotspotter 14 rounds indicating full auto gunfire.A nearby vehicle sustained gunshot damage.17xx Irving Ave N
SE Minneapolis - Overnight before 2 a.m., Stabbing. One stabbed in the neck/shoulder. 11xx 16th Ave SE Suspect: Hispanic M, 20-30
Officers were dispatched just before 8:15 a.m. to an apartment building on the 300 block of 4th St. South-West for a male who was reportedly armed and threatening people with a knife. The suspect was later flown by helicopter to a trauma center in critical condition
Minneapolis - Squad was rammed head-on. No injuries. Two to 3 BM fled west on Lowry near Central Ave NE 22:30
Minneapolis / LynLake - Report of a male in the area smashing car windows with a crowbar.Suspect: 5ft11, thin, black hoodie Lake St and Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis - Robbery of person at gunpoint. 27xx Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis - Report of a vehicle that crashed into a building and the occupants may be intoxicated.46th and Minnehaha Ave Gray Prius, 5NC041, occupied by WM and WFSquad 34121:14
ROCHESTER: Shooting - 12xx 12th St. South-West - Units are on scene of a male victim shot in the head, CPR is currently in progress. Officers have two suspects in custody at this time
Multiple people have been shot. At least one seldom transported to the hospital. Police requested 3 EMS rigs
Minneapolis - SHOOTING. Child is shot in the house.38xx E 39th St
MINNEAPOLIS: Report of a shooting with three victims, possibly including a child, on the 3800 block of E. 39th St. - Officers are on scene now, requesting three EMS rigs and are clearing the rest of the residence
Stabbing reported on the 1200 block of Skillman Ave. E. - Officers said they found one male victim with a stab wound to the back and a male suspect still on scene. The suspect was taken into custody around 6:56 a.m. without apparent incident
Minneapolis - Report of a stabbing. 911 caller said his neighbor came to the door bleeding from the head and said he was stabbed.53xx 48th Ave S
SAINT PAUL: Mechanic Ave. and Van Dyke St. - Police are investigating a pedestrian that was fatally struck by a vehicle just after 6:30 p.m. Friday evening. The driver of the vehicle stayed at the scene after the crash.
South Minneapolis - Report of a pedestrian struck and has head injuries.50th and Hiawatha Ave
SE Minneapolis - 8:50 a.m., robbery of business at knife point.16th and Como Ave SE, grocery Suspect: WM, 30s, 5ft9, thin, hat, ski mask, gray jacket, gray or black pantsThe suspect was not immediately located in a perimeter search
South Minneapolis - Carjacking at gunpoint.Suspects: 2 BM in dark clothing 31xx 16th Ave S Black GMC Denali, north on Bloomington Ave
Report of more shots heard at 28th and Pleasant Ave (which we just told you has been a hotbed for shots)
South Minneapolis - 911 report of 30 shots heard and vehicles leaving the area.30xx Pleasant Ave SA follower also messaged who heard them near Lake St and Grand Ave S