20 July 2024
North Minneapolis - Report of a carjacking robbery and assault by an unknown BM.Loss: black sedan Lowry and Fremont Ave N
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 7 rounds.30xx Vincent Ave N
Downtown Minneapolis - Report of 20 people fighting in a parking ramp, 27 S 7th St. Someone in a white SUV with a pitbull inside is preventing people from leaving the ramp.This follows another large fight in a crowd leaving the Armory
Downtown Minneapolis - DOUBLE SHOOTING. One is shot in the leg in the Armory area parking ramp. 6th to 7th off 5th Ave S 22:34 Police arrived. Shooting occurred at/near the elevator
North Minneapolis - Stabbing.W Broadway and Fremont Ave N 14:34
South Minneapolis - 9:35 a.m., gun stolen from a vehicle in the Children's Hospital parking ramp. 2525 Chicago Ave
From UMN Minneapolis, this was one of two robberies by the same suspects. Dinkytown At approx. 10:15 pm there were two robberies in the 400 block 14th Ave Se. The suspects are the same in both incidents. In the first incident the loss was cash
Downtown Minneapolis - MFD responding to a building alarm sees a person covered in blood inside. Possibly an armed home invasion robbery. Victim was hit in the head with a gun.Suspects: 2 BM, 1BF 18 N 13th St, Swinford Townhouses
South Minneapolis - Robbery of person at gunpoint.Four dark complexion suspects in face masks, left in a black 4-door.W 26th St from Nicollet to Blaisdell.
South Minneapolis - STABBING during a robbery. Victim also has a head injury.20xx Park Ave S
South Minneapolis - Strong arm robbery of person.Suspects in a metallic green 4-door Kia.50th and Dupont Ave S
Minneapolis - Person who is shot just showed up at HCMC. Police checking if it's related to one of two shoot reports in north Minneapolis
South Minneapolis - PURSUIT of the vehicle that's been involved in gun pointing at South High School this week. White Kia Plate previously reported as *YM126 3131 19th Ave S
South Minneapolis - Attempted carjacking. Three male suspects tried to push a female out of her vehicle.E 26th St and 13th Ave S
South Minneapolis - Auto theft.Suspects: 3 BMLoss: blue Kia Optima, plate SAB773 40xx Clinton Ave S
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation and reports of yelling.Police arrived and found bullet damage to a house.25xx Thomas Ave
South Minneapolis - Report of a possible attempted carjacking.Unknown race male jumped out of a red vehicle and the female victim saw him coming and locked her vehicle and ran inside. 49xx Bryant Ave S
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activations 7 15 rounds. 36th and Emerson to Fremont Ave N.Police say a gray Taurus fled from the area
South Minneapolis - Police report a stolen black Kia Forte driving on the sidewalk near Lake St and Lyndale/Aldrich Ave S.
South Minneapolis - Report of rapid fire gunshots heard from near Stevens Square Park.18th and Steven Ave S
North Minneapolis - After 7 p.m., report of robbery and assault.Loss: $50,000 40xx Vincent Ave N
SE Minneapolis - 2:15 a.m., report of one threatening to fire shots at Frank and Andrea's Dinkytown UMN 1235 4th St SE
NE Minneapolis - 7:25 a.m., Strong arm robbery. A woman opening her business was pushed down and robbed of her wallet.Suspect: Male in a blue mechanics shirt, one-piece blue coveralls, green face mask 28xx Central Ave NE
Police activity in Hopkins. Search for a suspect, and neighbors have been ordered to stay inside.4xx Van Buren.
SAINT PAUL: Magnolia Ave. E. and Barclay St. - Officers are out with a gunshot wound victim at the hospital who states they were shot near the pond at this location. Officers are checking the area for the scene and evidence of the shooting
SE Minneapolis - rollover injury crash on University Ave SE from the 35W exit
South and Downtown Minneapolis - Police chasing a suspect who reportedly fired a gun.Now near Nicollet Ave toward Nicollet Diner
SE Minneapolis - Police HELP CALL. Armed male suspect, black hoodie, short pants.2508 Delaware St SE
North Minneapolis - 2:30 a.m., SHOOTING with multiple Shotspotter activations.Person shot in the leg.4th and Morgan Ave N
2 month ago
PRINCETON: House Explosion - Around 4:00 am, emergency crews responded to the 8200 block of 52nd Street after reports of a large explosion and fire. According to initial dispatches, arriving deputies located a home that had been completely destroyed and a large debris field.