20 July 2024
North Minneapolis - Police are on site of a kid slumped in the Wendy's drive-thru, and he has a gun in his lap.Plate KYV552 421 W Broadway Ave
NE Minneapolis - Report of about 75 teens at Waite Park partying and being loud.33rd- 34th and Hayes St NE
North Minneapolis - Strong arm carjacking. Purse and phone also taken. 30xx Emerson Ave N
South Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 11 rounds indicating burst or automatic fire. 20xx Elliot Ave S, near Franklin(This is the area supposedly recently cleaned up by the feds of 10z and 20z gang members:
Minneapolis - Report of one who fell into a fire pit and has burns on their arms and stomach. 40xx Snelling Ave
North Minneapolis - About midnight. SHOOTING. A person who was shot in the head approached an EMS rig near Dowling and Fremont Ave N.The person had exited a white Dodge Ram pickup truck with a black stripe that took off prior to approaching EMS
Minneapolis - Police and EMS to George Floyd Square for an assault.38th and Chicago Ave
South Minneapolis - Overnight SHOOTING before 4 a.m.15xx E 28th StCorresponding Shotspotter activation 13 rounds at 29xx 15th Ave S
Downtown Minneapolis - Snatch and grab theft of a wallet.Suspect: BM, orange jacket, black backwards hat 8th and Hennepin Ave
South Minneapolis - Police have two at gunpoint outside Peters Billiards following a report of a burglary, and there's an open door. Richfield will assist with a K9.One suspect is a WM 6150 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis - Robbery of business. 11xx E Franklin Ave Suspect: BM, black pants with white stripe11:22
Downtown Minneapolis - SHOOTING. One shot 3 times in the abdomen and legs. Blood trail inside and outside the building. Captured on video. 111 Marquette Ave
Minneapolis - STABBING. One stabbed in the head during a possible robbery. 34th snd Park Ave to Oakland 04:25
South Minneapolis - ROBBERY SPREE, third robbery in 30 minutes in UptownMpls.Three masked BM juveniles.Loss: Vehicle keys and phone taken Lagoon and Girard Ave S
South Minneapolis / UptownMpls - Two robberies at gunpoint in the last few minutes.Same suspects in both: Three BM juveniles in ski masks.26xx Fremont Ave S26xx Dupont Ave
Minneapolis - MFD on site of kids' playground equipment on fire at 26xx Cedar Ave S
South Minneapolis - Robbery of business, gun implied.12xx W 24th St, alterations shop
There was a robbery of person at gunpoint inside Rosedale Mall. The two BM suspects fled onto a Metro Transit bus, which was stopped and evacuated, and the two were detained.No matches can be found on booking reports, so they were likely juveniles
ARDEN HILLS: Fire crews are on scene of a blaze near 4761 Hamline Ave. N. at the old army site, where an outbuilding is reportedly on fire. Crews are accessing the scene from County Rd.
Minneapolis - SHOOTING. One who is shot just showed up at HCMC
North Minneapolis - Theft of a business vehicle, white Ford Escape says RMR Services on the side.25th and Thomas Ave N
SAINT CLOUD: Large police presence in the 300 block of 9th Ave. S. as authorities have surrounded a house and are making announcements for a man inside to exit. Police said they were readying chemical irritants to deploy inside the home around 11:15 p.m.
South Minneapolis - A resident told a Native M from the encampment at 28th and Columbus not to walk through their yard, and the male pulled out a gun and fired into the air.Male is in a red hoodie.Also a corresponding Shotspotter activation
BROOKLYN PARK: Multiple agencies are on scene of a large fight with reports of possible gunfire heard in the area of Central Park, 8440 Regent Ave. N. - There are no reports of any gunshot victims at this time.
South Minneapolis - Before 1 a.m., STABBING. A male was stabbed in the arm at 35xx Bryant Ave S.Police arrived and applied a tourniquet
MINNEAPOLIS: Officers out with a stabbing victim on the 3500 block of Bryant Ave. S. - The victim is reportedly stabbed in the arm and is conscious and breathing. Officers applied a tourniquet at the scene and are developing suspect information
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 6 rounds.22xx Emerson Ave N
SAINT PAUL: Robbery of business - 3xx Ruth St. N., auto shop - Suspect reportedly punched the clerk in the face and implied a weapon. Suspect described as a black male wearing a face mask, black hoodie, tan shorts, 5'8 -5'10 , around 200 lbs. and last seen running northbound
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation.32xx James Ave N
North Minneapolis - Stabbing. Male stabbed in the neck and side.The person who is stabbed also appears to have a knife.Suspect: BM, white shirt, jeans, sunglasses Lowry and Oliver Ave N