20 July 2024
South Minneapolis - Report of a male with a knife at the Islamic Center approaching women and making threats. 28th and 13th Ave S Suspect: Somali M, 30s, 5ft7, thin, mask light brown jacket, blue jeans[CAIR-MN is probably on speed dial to Chief O'Hara's personal phone
Columbia Heights - Police searching for a robbery suspect near 52nd and Central Ave NE, occurred at US Bank. Female victim.BM, 20s, slim, 6ft, dark clothing including a mask and hoodie22:25
SE Minneapolis - Structure fire. Report of a camping stove inside an apartment that exploded. 1015 8th St SE
South Minneapolis - Robbery at gunpoint 28xx 12th Ave
Downtown Minneapolis - Report of a group of juveniles at Elliot Park, and they assaulted a male.15th and Elliot Ave
South Minneapolis - Report of injury crash with extrication needed.28th and Chicago Ave
South Minneapolis / LowryHill - Robbery of person at gunpoint.17xx Fremont Ave
South Minneapolis - 4:10 a.m., home invasion robbery. 911 caller said a group of juveniles broke in. Suspects fled in a vehicle. Police requested Crime Lab to the scene.Squad 511 42nd and Fremont Ave S
South Minneapolis - Report of a suspect in the fuel station damaging property and causing a disturbance. 36th and Lyndale Ave S
South Minneapolis - Carjacking at gunpoint. Suspects: WF, 20s, Hispanic M Loss: white 2015 Ford F150 HTF792 39th and Chicago Ave S, a block from George Floyd Square
NE Minneapolis - SHOOTING. Female 911 caller said she's driving to a hospital.31xx Columbia Ave NE 23:15Vehicle, MPX*55, arrived at North Memorial hospital
South Minneapolis - Report of a tow truck driver being assaulted by two people.27xx 1st Ave S
Minneapolis - Report of threats involving a stolen vehicle and juveniles. 911 caller said he has a permit to carry and will unload his clip. 35th and Colfax Ave S
NE Minneapolis - Auto theft.Central and Lowry Ave NELoss: Honda, TYG707
North Minneapolis - Robbery at gunpoint of two people.Suspects: 3 BM 3xx 26th Ave NB
South Minneapolis - Robbery of person.Suspect: Somali M, tan jacket, jeans, flip flops, butcher knifeLoss: Phone 12th and E Lake St
Downtown Minneapolis - Carjacking at gunpoint. Exact location not aired. Victim now at a different location.Loss: Blue Honda Accord, ZXL247Two juvenile suspects, both BM, one in a black shirt
NE Minneapolis - Crash with extrication needed.Two EMS rigs requested.21xx University Ave NE
South Minneapolis / Linden Hills - Robbery at gunpoint.Suspects in FFB659 35xx Motor Pl1
South Minneapolis - Attempted carjacking.Suspects were in a small white SUV 25xx Girard Ave S
South Minneapolis - SHOOTING. Report of one shot at the encampment. Same area as last week's shooting homicide. Lake St and Blaisdell Ave. Police arrived. Person is shot in the leg.Suspect in a yellow windbreaker. Other in a black mask
Attempted carjacking and assault at Speedway. Two suspects in ski masks who ran and then fled in a vehicle. 3453 Nicollet Ave Same suspects then carjacked a vehicle at 31xx Pleasant Ave Three BM in masks
South Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 6 rounds.Sound of shots in the area confirmed by a follower. 33xx Clinton Ave
Gunshot audio from 30th and Girard Ave N
North Minneapolis - Two Shotspotter activations 11 3 rounds. 30xx Girard Ave N
Minneapolis - Initial report of a shooting. 911 caller said someone ran into her on the freeway near Lyndale and Dunwoody and she thought they were shot. The person then got into another vehicle.Hospitals being notified.
North Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation 8 rounds.30xx Girard Ave N
South Minneapolis - Police report hearing about 10-15 shots near Lake St and Hiawatha.
MINNEAPOLIS: 29xx Cedar Ave. S. Police are investigating a double shooting, both victims self-transported to Children's Hospital. One adult victim suffered gunshot a gunshot wound to the heck and neck while a two-year-old child suffered a gunshot wound to the face
South Minneapolis - Multiple 911 calls reporting 10-15 shots heard ranging from 25th and Cedar over to 25xx 37th Ave S