20 July 2024
Minneapolis - Report of auto theft in progress outside the bank. 2700 Hennepin Ave 23:04
Minneapolis - Auto thefts 2018 Maroon Kia Optima, JHE 975 30xx Blaisdell Ave 2006 White Suburban 21xx Pillsbury Ave
Minneapolis - Squad crash at 11th Ave S and E Lake St. No injuries mentioned
Minneapolis / Lowry Hill - Damage to property. Report of a male breaking vehicle windows. 19xx Emerson Ave S Suspect fled in a PT Cruiser on Lincoln
SAINT PAUL: 4xx W. University Ave. - SHOOTING - 2-3 shots heard, someone is on the ground, reported to have been shot at that address. Multiple callers. ** Officers are on scene. Gunshot wounds to the lower back and the leg, male victim, 30 years old, semi-conscious.
Minneapolis - Several customers are stuck inside a store and were sprayed with mace during a reported theft incident. MPD on site and requesting MFD to force entry.19xx Chicago Ave
Before 8 a.m., a city of Minneapolis bobcat was stolen from a construction site. E 46th St and 45th Ave S
Minneapolis - Police foot pursuit of a WM suspect.37th and Chicago Ave S 00:21 Now in custody at 37xx Columbus Ave S
Minneapolis - State Trooper help call, MPD responding. Dowling Ave N over I-94.01:59Under control
Minneapolis Police Department has confirmed the fatal shooting at the encampment. Decedent age updated to about 45.December 12, 2023 (Minneapolis): At approximately 5:15 on Tuesday evening,
North Minneapolis - 6:46 a.m., Shotspotter activation indicating full auto 25 rounds.Hospitals notified. 46xx Bryant Ave N
North Minneapolis - Robbery at gunpoint.Loss: Shoes, jewelry, and money 29th and Lyndale Ave N Squad 425
St. Paul - SPPD officers are on scene of an overnight shooting on the 1300 block of Englewood Avenue where one person has died.
Homicide investigation:SPPD officers are on scene of an overnight shooting on the 1300 block of Englewood Avenue where one person has died.
Englewood Avenue homicide investigation at 12:15 p.m. in front of SPPD Headquarters (367 Grove Street)
SE Minneapolis / Marcy Holmes - Report of two trying to break into an apartment building with a crowbar. 8xx University Ave SE
NE Minneapolis - Report of a carjacking. 18xx Central Ave NE Loss silver sedan
Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation and report of up to 16 shots heard. 28th and Portland Ave
Downtown Minneapolis - Report of an unwanted guest at the Hyatt who is covered in blood.615 2nd Ave S
Downtown Minneapolis / North Loop - Police arrived on one stabbed in the chest.Suspect: BM, red hoodieVictim is uncooperative 12xx Chestnut Ave Squad 113 16122:42
Uptown Minneapolis - Robbery of business at gunpoint in progress.26xx Hennepin Ave, Mexican fast foodSuspect BM, wearing all black, ski mask, fled south on Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis - Report of a stabbing. 12xx Knox Ave N Squad 411
Police found gunshot damage at 18xx Thomas Ave N
North Minneapolis - Police report multiple gunshots near them.19th and Upton Ave N Shotspotter activation at 18xx Thomas Ave N Squad 430
Loring Park cashier found impaled with golf club in deadly attack at grocery store.
Downtown Minneapolis - Report of a stabbing in the valet parking area of the Hyatt at 1300 Nicollet Mall.Person is stabbed twice in the chest and abdomen 23:45Police arrived. The person who is stabbed has been brought inside by staff
Loring Park cashier found impaled with golf club in deadly attack at grocery store
Minneapolis - Police report hearing about 6 more shots at 12th and E Lake St (drug dealer central)
Minneapolis - Shotspotter activation.12th and E Lake St (drug dealer central)22:34
Minneapolis - Squad involved crash involving other vehicles near Lowry Ave N and Washington Ave N.Many roads are bad, but police are reporting the bridge is particularly icy.An officer has a minor injury. Info on other injuries include unspecified back and neck