11 December 2023
SHOOTING 27th and Cedar Ave Preceded by a Shotspotter activation in the area.01:44Police arrived, with the victim. 01:14 Suspect in a gray truck that left northbound on Cedar
Three Shotspotter activations 7 18 7 rounds. 21xx Aldrich Ave N00:59
Police report hearing about 20 shots east of Penn Ave N and W Broadway Ave
Robbery of person carjacking at gunpoint. 911 caller said he was chased, and then hung up on 911. 5xx Ridgewood Ave Squad 51122: 32 Police arrived, requesting EMS for the victim
Attempted burglary with a sledgehammer by the ex-husband. 10xx Washington Ave SE Apt building adjacent to the StadiumVillage UMN area22:08
Stolen vehicle just about rammed a squad head-on. 28xx 17th Ave S Plate 2N S97622:05
Two Shotspotter activations.32xx Morgan Ave N 2:03
BROOKLN CENTER: Suspect Search - Area of Shingle Creek Pkwy. and Bass Lake Rd. - Squads are searching for one suspect that fled on foot after crashing during a vehicle pursuit. Officers have a perimeter set and the State Patrol helicopter is overhead assisting
St. Paul - About 8:34 p.m., Robbery of business at gunpoint.7xx E 7th St, auto parts storeTwo male suspects
Report of a stabbing. 1st Ave S and Cecil Newman Lane (2800 block of 1st Ave S)Victim took off.20:18 Now there's a report of a stabbing victim at the hospital. Dispatcher suggested it could be related
Report of a possible carjacking in progress. A Hispanic M assaulting a female and trying to get into her car.31xx Emerson Ave N, at/near So Low grocery15:53
Robbery of person at gunpoint.Loss: bicycle and wallet 17xx E Lake St Squad 34000:52
Shotspotter activation.36xx Penn Ave N23:57
2 Shotspotter activations in the area of 30xx Colfax Ave N23:50
Police responding to a business burglary requesting K9 for someone reported to be inside. 1xx E Franklin Ave Squads 561 51123:03
2 month ago
The two children killed in the crash were just 7 and 11 years old
Minneapolis Traffic Control is reporting that a vehicle has a large brick thrown through the windshield in MplsDowntown at 5xx N 1st Ave near the parking area
MPD confirms the shooting at the 16th Ave S encampment was a fatal.A 37-year-old male died from his injuries.No arrests have been made
Police are back in pursuit of the 2014 silver Malibu they said was a shooting murder suspect.Plate same/similar to NR M609From 14th and E Franklin Ave
Shooting victim showed up at North Memorial before 11 a.m.There was a Shotspotter about 20-25 minutes prior near 24th and Aldrich/Bryant Ave N.Chevy Malibu possibly involved. Police are in pursuit now
Report of catalytic converter theft in progress in Uptown Mpls.27th and Emerson Ave S Suspects in a black SUV
Report of shots heard in NEMPLS. 35xx 3rd St NE Squad 222
Report of shots heard.35xx Fremont Ave S, possibly in the alley to Emerson according to what witnesses told police22:33
St. Paul - Before 9 p.m., Shooting, approx 20 year old male shot in the abdomen. Casings were found in the living room.Suspect: BM, 16, 5ft7, skinny, brown hoodie, black pants, fled on foot 5xx Hatch Ave WA house to the east has a bullet hole
SAINT PAUL: SHOOTING - 5xx Hatch Ave. W. - Squads on scene of a shooting, one victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the abdomen. Paramedics say the victim was alert and talking while being transported to the hospital.The suspect is described as a juvenile black male, 5' 7
Foot pursuit of a suspect who fled from a stolen vehicle. Area of 39th/40th and Hiawatha Ave 12:04
Report of two people assaulting and strong-arming a female in the parking lot of the Wedge Co-op.2105 Lyndale Ave S Suspects: BM and unknown race F02:15
Responders on site of a structure fire of a vacant and boarded house. Flames showing. 29xx Aldrich Ave N
Shotspotter activations: 34xx Emerson Ave N x 2 rounds 29xx James Ave N x 6 rounds
911 caller said about 10 minutes ago a truck drove by and [occupants] fired two shots. NEMPL S9xx 36th Ave NE, near Tyler St NE23:24