11 December 2023
Shotspotter activation 2 rounds.30xx 5th Ave S02:15
SHOOTIN 25xx 17th Ave S01:58 Sounds like police found the gunshot recipient in the rear. 02:05 No pulse, CPR started
Two Shotspotter activations.25xx 17th Ave S
Two houses with bullet damage on 32xx 5th Ave S
Minneapolis - Multiple reports of shots heard near 33rd and 3rd Ave S.Police arrived, chasing a BM on foot near Clinton and 32nd
911 caller said their boyfriend fell on a knife and was cut on the stomach. Another woman has a cut to the hand following an altercation. 29xx and Irving Ave S
NE Minneapolis - Robbery of person. Victim has a language barrier and is bleeding from the face.700 Lowry Ave NE at Handy Stop22:25
Minneapolis - Another pedestrian struck at Lake St and Nicollet Ave
MINNEAPOLIS: Robbery of business report - Speedway, 5101 34th Ave. S. - Employee was reportedly sprayed with mace and the suspect fled with items
Report of a pedestrian struck at 13th and E Lake St
Police fighting with a person with a gun E 23rd St and 13th Ave S, near the encampment 10:47One in custody, gun recovered. Two people still in the vehicle
1 month ago
Officers are on scene at a residence north of Verdin St. NW. and 273rd Ave. NW., including a SWAT team, after a reported threat. Authorities have determined the call was false and this was a swattingincident. The residence has been cleared and there are no injuries
After 3 a.m., SHOOTING. Male was reportedly shot in the leg.15xx Penn Ave N North Minneapolis
Shotspotter activation.47xx Bryant Ave N
Report of auto theft. 51xx Colfax Ave s
Hit and run of a pedestrian at 15th and Nicollet Ave in downtown Minneapolis
1 month ago
A man suspected of shooting and wounding five officers in Minnesota has been arrested, authorities say
Police report hearing shots in the area of 18th and La Salle to Nicollet Ave12:49
Howe School in south Minneapolis has been evacuated over a possible natural gas leak. 3733 43rd Ave S
1 month ago
5 officers shot in Benton County, Minnesota
Before 4 a.m., police were added with EMS for a full arrest that was updated to a DOA in Cedar Riverside at 16xx S 4th St
1 month ago
Five officers in total were reportedly shot in this incident. Three were taken to North Memorial Health Hospital and two were taken to the hospital in Saint Cloud.
1 month ago
Five officers have been shot near Princeton, Minnesota, authorities say
1 month ago
Five officers shot and wounded in Minnesota, authorities say
SAINT PAUL: Bank robbery - Wells Fargo, 1827 Grand Ave. - A suspect reportedly came into the bank, displayed a note and demanded money. The male suspect is reported to have threatened a weapon but none was seen. Suspect described as a black male in his 40s, around 5'10;, wearing
1 month ago
Near PRINCETON: Officer Down: 2xx 190th Ave. NE. - Units were on scene conducting a search warrant at a residence when shots were fired by a suspect from inside the home. An officer was struck by gunfire multiple times and is now being flown to a trauma center
Report of shots heard and vehicles speeding off and also a group of about 30 people in the street. 20xx Lyndale Ave S21xx Garfield Ave S02:09
Ramsey County was following or pursuing a Minneapolis stolen vehicle wanted in a 2nd degree assault. It just crashed at 46th St and Minnehaha Ave near 42nd Ave at the suspects fled.Minneapolis assisting with a perimeter search
SAINT PAUL: Shooting - near University Ave. W. and Rice St. - Officers are on scene with a female victim shot in the buttocks and a male suspect fled on foot, reportedly southeast toward the Capitol. Officers are checking cameras in the area and have a perimeter set
Report of a theft of a $10,000 guitar just now.BM, 20s, 6ft3, dreads, has a guitar 34xx Lyndale Ave S