3 December 2023
A black Acura with blacked out lights and no plates just fled from police in NEMPLS northbound from 30th and Ulysses St NE
Report of a stabbing. Female said she was stabbed in the arm by her boyfriend. Police have searched the area and are not finding the alleged victim. 38xx 3rd Ave S
Report of shots fired from a red Chevy Traverse following a hit and run at Cub Foods. 2850 26th Ave
After 4 a.m., a Chrysler 300 crashed into a bridge at Spring and Polk St NE. The suspects fled on foot. It was learned that the vehicle had been stolen in a burglary in the previous hour from a residence on Taft St NE.nCrime Lab was requested to process the vehicle.
About 9 a.m., a female bicyclist was robbed. 31st and Portland Ave Suspects in a black Kia Sportage, KHP520
Theft from vehicle. 37xx Upton Ave S Suspect vehicle is stolen: white Cadillac Escalade, FDR187n10:14
Gunshot victim showed up at Regions Hospital. Said it occurred at 28xx Lyndale Ave N
Report of a strong-arm robbery of person at 19th and Riverside Ave. Cedar Riverside Loss: backpack 00:43
A 40 year old female is being transported to the hospital in cardiac arrest, shot in the wrist
Police are out with one down from a possible shooting. There's blood. Oak Park and Thomas Ave N 00:07 Confirmed shooting. CPR started
Shooting. One reportedly shot in the leg. Cedar and E Franklin AvenVictim in a wheelchair has been found by police near the tent encampment at 22xx Cedar to Snelling Ave
Robbery of person at blow torch point. 23xx 22nd Ave S 12:01
9:34 a.m., three were detained at gunpoint at 27xx Bloomington Ave from a gray Chrysler 200 suspected in shots fired yesterday
About 8:20 a.m., a park employee had a golf cart stolen while doing lawn care at East Phillips Park. Green cart, tan strip, black top E 24th St and 17th Ave S
About 10:30 a.m., at least one detained from a stolen vehicle. One party said they swallowed heroin. 21st and 14th Ave S
9:20 a..m. Robbery/Purse snatch from an elderly female sitting in a chair outside the pharmacy. Franklin Ave and Nicollet Ave
Report of a shooting at 28th and Garfield Ave S. Police out with the victim in a vehicle at Subway on Lyndale. nnAlso, Report of shots during a possible robbery or attempt. A ton of shots. No victim/s found yet. 31xx Pleasant Ave Suspects: teen males in hoodies 02:05
Paramedics report the first victim is a 40s male with a gunshot wound to the shoulder. The second victim is a female in her 50s with a gunshot wound to her shoulder and another to the abdomen. The third victim suffered a graze wound to the chin
MINNEAPOLIS: SHOOTING - 727 E. 18th St. - Squads on scene of a shooting with three victims, unknown conditions at this time. Officers report one victim is very uncooperative and they have a large crowd forming, additional squads requested
Report of a double shooting. 7xx E 18th St. 00:02 Police arrived, confirmed two are shot behind Detox
MINNEAPOLIS: Shots Fired - 14xx Morgan Ave. N. - Squads on scene of shots fired, they have one victim with a graze wound who is refusing EMS. Callers reported hearing 10-12 shots in the area. No suspect information at this time
911 calls about 10-11 shots heard near 13xx Oliver to Morgan Ave N. 23:25
Robbery at gunpoint in front of the Lotus. 113 W Grant Suspects: BM, black hoodie, with another male in a colorful mask
Robbery of business at gunpoint. NEMPLS 2610 Central Ave NE, WalgreensnLoss: $150nBM, 6ft, black mask, navy blue hoodie, silver gun, fled on footn22:03
Report of a pedestrian struck. 17th St and 3rd Ave S 14:38
Report of a stabbing near HCMC in MplsDowntown. Victim is trying to follow the suspect. Suspect: Male, dark blue shirt, jeans, B/W Nike shoesn11:54nVictim is now at the ER bay and the suspect is in custody
Report of a suspect trying to steal bikes by prying locks at Washington Ave SE and Ontario St SE
Injury crash at 36th and Cedar Ave. A suspect fled on foot. 00:14
Report of a large fight at 4th and E Lake St, officers calling for more squads. This is the second incident in about an hour at this location.
SOUTH ST. PAUL: Officers now have a male suspect in custody after he reportedly exited a residence on the 200 block of Spruce St. and pointed a rifle at a group of people. The suspect then went back inside and officers set a perimeter