11 December 2023
TRAFFIC SB Lyndale is closed at 22nd St. while Minneapolis Police work to clear this injury crash from the street. We're told by witnesses that at least one person was taken from the scene by ambulance
. MPD confirms the shooting we posted after 1 p.m. at 26th and Stevens Ave is homicide number 44 for the city. A male in his 30s died of his injuries. Police believe the suspects and victim were known to each other, and the shooting stemmed from an argument
Minneapolis police spokesperson Garrett Parten said the shooting occurred near East 26th Street and Stevens Avenue South, and involved at least four individuals-KARE 11
Security at HCMC told police that the child and suspect "Mike" were seen getting on a transit bus at 7th and Chicago Ave at 3:01 p.m., headed on 7th further into #MplsDowntown. Unknown bus number. Aired at 17:04
Police just witnessed three males steal a vehicle. They have been denied permission to pursue. North Minneapolis, near Chestnut and Morgan Ave N. Red Explorer "Fire" vehicle. Plate: "Fire" 14:30
MINNEAPOLIS: Shooting - 26th St. & Stevens Ave. - Officers are on scene are a report of a shooting in the area. A white 4-door vehicle is possibly involved. - The victim-an adult male-was reported to have been shot in the head & is being transported by EMS to the hospital now
Shooting. Report of a victim shot in the head. Possibly a child shot. 26th and Stevens Ave 13:05 -Police arrived. Still developing
Police responded on a victim of a domestic assault who is being transported to the hospital. Police said it's a "pretty gnarly assault." 3xxx Colfax Ave N A 35-year-old male was transported with "major facial trauma." Unkown mechanism used in the assault
Dispatch audio of the initial response to the mass shooting at the Stone Arch Bridge. A Park officer initially reported the sound of shots & was informed by another officer that there were hotrodders on site & a "big party" at the location. 11:07-11:23p
Dispatch audio of the initial response to the mass shooting at the Stone Arch Bridge. A Park officer initially reported the sound of shots & was informed by another officer that there were hotrodders on site & a big party at the location. 11:07-11:23p
. Shots were fired at/near Speedway at 2200 Lyndale Ave S. A vehicle was struck 10 times. Police are in the area looking for casings
Robbery of person. Victim was assaulted by five male suspects. Loss: keys, phone 31xx 14th Ave S 00:15
Shooting. Golden Valley Rd and Russell Ave N. 00:12 -Police arrived, they're with the victim. -Shots came from a vehicle, a truck with a bunch of scrap in it
An officer reports finding multiple spent bullet casings outside an apartment building north of Luella St. N. & Old Hudson Rd
SAINT PAUL: Report of shooting - 19xx Old Hudson Rd. - A 911 caller reports he was shot by a male suspect who fled in a vehicle. Medics cleared in to respond; unknown extent of injury. - Suspects left in a white Jeep northbound after a "marijuana deal gone bad," an officer said
Robbery at gunpoint. Victim was in his garage. 25xx Bryant Ave S At least three suspects, two had guns. Loss: phone and wallet 23:56
. Police located a stolen vehicle in #NEMPLS at Spring St NE and Fillmore St NE. Unoccupied but the engine is still warm. Plate FJZ421
Robbery of person report. 17xx E 33rd St 23:34
Multiple 911 reports of shots heard near 6xx 24th Ave NE. Possibly a black sedan involved
BROOKLYN CENTER: EMS was dispatched to the Transit Center near Bass Lake Rd. & Xerxes around 9:30 p.m. for a person who was tasered by an officer. No other info is available, but some on social media are saying this was an officer-involved shooting, which is false
. Police found casings at 24th and Madison St NE
SOUTH ST. PAUL: Officers are searching for one suspect and have one in custody after a fight with a gun involved on the 1500 block of Willis Ave. - A K9 has been requested and a State Patrol helicopter is assisting overhead
. Police near 2nd and Central Ave SE Ave heard about 12 shots toward the Marcy Holmes area
This is the aftermath of a 2-alarm house fire in Brooklyn Park, near Humboldt & 252. Fire officials tell no one was injured. Neighbors say at one point flames were shooting some 10 feet above the home's roofline1 year ago
This is the aftermath of a 2-alarm house fire in Brooklyn Park, near Humboldt & 252. Fire officials tell no one was injured. Neighbors say at one point flames were shooting some 10 feet above the home's roofline
A man was killed and and another injured in an early morning crash Sunday on Shepard Road beneath the Robert Street Bridge, police said
Rescue and EMS for an overdose at the Midtown Transit Center, 2935 Chicago Ave S. (Lake St) 21:28
Rescue on site for two overdoses in the tents at 26th and 14th Ave S
SAINT PAUL: Officers have two males in custody after they fled from a stolen vehicle on the 700 block of Fuller Ave. - The suspects fled to the north and were apprehended east of the Victoria St. Light Rail stop
Robbery at gunpoint. 9xx E 24th St. Loss: Wallet 20:49
SAINT PAUL: Shots fired - near Phalen Blvd. & Arcade St. - A female 911 caller reports her vehicle was struck by gunfire, possibly from an occupant of a white/yellowish Chevy Suburban with tinted windows. An officer has found one rifle casing on Phalen east of the intersection
Report of attempted robbery of person at gunpoint on W River Rd near the Guthrie. Suspects: 3 Somali M, 18-20, one in white T + red pants, one in gray hoodie, one in gray T and gray pants. Possibly in a red sedan, plate GEU79* or black Dodge, plate JZL643 MplsDowntown 20:15
Police and EMS for a person assaulted at 730 Hennepin Ave, victim is in the parking lot
There were at least 4 injured parties and one was reported to be a "Red" condition (urgent). Several EMS rigs were requested to the site
Metro Transit bus vs vehicle, injury crash. Glenwood and Girard Ave N 18:15
Police just tased a suspect. Domestic with weapons. 27xx 2nd Ave S 17:04
. Fridley - Police are investigating a possible kidnapping and sexual assault after a female jumped out of a vehicle. Police found the victim on 73rd and Melody Ln. Incident may have begun in/at/near the trailer park near Hwy 65/Central Ave
. This fourth victim is related to the 6th and Main St SE shooting. A 17-year-old girl with non-life threating GSW wound/s, according to police
Sunday: - 5 people shot near Stone Arch Bridge
Lots happening this Sunday: - 5 people shot near Stone Arch Bridge -7:45a we are talk with a local pedestrian about kids as young as 6mo eligible for the #COVID19 vaccine -9:45a Prof Mike Steenson from @MitchellHamline joins us to talk #RoeVsWade -10:30 Fox 9 #TitleIX Special
Injury crash at 9th and Nicollet Mall
Report of an officer down, help call. Reported by a bystander. 2xx 1st Ave N
Missed this earlier, about 7:45 p.m., an off duty officer reported shots fired near the Wirth Park Chalet. MPD checked the area and Golden Valley PD also responded. Nothing was immediately found
29th and Lincoln St NE, one fell off their bike and they have a compound fracture
. Report of a shooting at 8th and Hennepin Ave. Police arrived, not finding a victim. Dispatcher notifying hospitals. SHOOTING victim just showed up at HCMC. Shooter was reportedly on the west side of the street by the bus station/stop
. Burnsville - About 1:40 a.m., vehicle vs pedestrian. Hwy 13 and Nicollet Ave Male was breathing but not conscious w an obvious broken leg. CPR was begun a short time later. The vehicle stopped. Was reported to be traveling 60 mph at the time. State Patrol requested for recon
MAPLEWOOD: Shots fired - near Flandrau St. & Larpenteur Ave. E. - An officer nearby reported hearing around 8 gunshots. Now, multiple spent bullet casings & a vehicle with damage from gunfire have been found on the street to the north of the intersection. No report of injury
Report of an unconscious female at the Gay 90s. EMS requesting MPD assist so they can enter. MPD said there's a crowd of 1000 in the area
Columbia Heights - A vehicle rammed a squad. Pursuit was not authorized. Near the Starlite Motel 46th and Central Ave NE White Explorer, with BM driver, mid 40s, short hair, facial hair
Shots fired in front of the 1st Precinct MplsDowntown. 00:08 Shooter: BM, green shirt, blue jean shorts
Another victim is ~19 year old M with a GSW to the left forearm, "in and out wound." A tourniquet was applied, he was transported to the hospital
TRIPLE SHOOTING, Stone Arch Bridge. 1 shot in the head. Suspect vehicle white Dodge Charger
One of the victims is a male around 30 with a gunshot wound to the head who was transported to the hospital. Another victim was reported to be a female with a gunshot wound to the buttocks. Unknown extent of injury on the third reported victim
Reportedly another shooting victim just showed up at North Memorial
Gunshot victim just showed up at Abbott Hospital
UMPD found a live rifle round at 6th Ave SE and Main St SE
The second EMS rig arrived. 23:22 Still need a third rig, not there yet. There are three shooting victims. Suspect: in a white Dodge Charger
More officers were requested to near Main St. & 6th Ave. SE. for a crowd reportedly becoming hostile. - The 2nd gunshot victim was near 6th Ave. SE. & 2nd St. SE. - The suspected shooter fled westbound on Main St., no description. - Officers are reporting a 3rd GSW victim
Police are investigating the death of a 19-year-old man after he was found with gunshot wounds behind a Minneapolis home on Saturday morning
MINNEAPOLIS: Report of shooting on the eastern end of the Stone Arch bridge. The victim was reportedly taken to the hospital in a vehicle and the suspect has fled the scene
Shotspotter x10 rounds 13xx E Lake St. Also resident reports of shots. One person thinks their house was struck by gunfire
1 year ago
NEAR FARMINGTON: Crews are on scene of a residence near 200th St. E. & Ahern Blvd. after a male lifting weights was severely injured when the weights reportedly fell onto his neck. A LifeLink medical helicopter was requested and has now landed to transport to Regions in St. Paul
This one is a GSW to the hand, occurred near Lake St and Bloomington, likely related to the prior Shotspotter in that area (we posted), police said
Witnesses saw three BM exchange a weapon at 6th and Main after the shots were fired. One was in a bright pink hoodie. One was in gray, one in long sleeve blue shirt. One ran toward 35W east on Main
Police have two at gunpoint after a report of a business break-in. 501 W Lake St 22:20 At least one in custody
. Now a SHOOTING. Main St and 6th Ave SE, near Stone Arch Bridge Police arrived, one with a gunshot to the head
Carjacking. Victim was dragged out of the car. 36th and Minnehaha Ave Loss: Hyundai Elantra, red, NoDak plate ANF198 21:42
Police heard shots near 25th and Bloomington Ave 22:32
Robbery of person. 13xx Nicollet Ave 20:11
Drowning in a pool, child involved. 24xx Pillsbury Ave 19:45 Police arrived, requesting a supervisor