3 December 2023
1 year ago
Authorities say Sunday morning at 7:20 a.m. a vehicle fled from Osseo police and headed south on County Road 81 at a high rate of speed into the city of Brooklyn Park
The suspect vehicle was fleeing police when it crashed into another vehicle on County Road 81 in Brooklyn Park
Report of a shooting. BM in a tie-dye shirt shot in the leg. Also a report of others shooting at each other. 13th and Brook Ave SE Suspect: BM, long hair, orange shirt, shorts 11:25 -Police arrived, victim is shot in the lower leg. -Also finding a blood trail
SAINT PAUL: Rollover crash near Edgcumbe Rd. & St. Paul Ave. - Vehicle reported on the curb, upside down. Officers are on scene and blocking traffic. Unknown extent of injury
Sound of shots and an argument heard. 15xx Nicollet Ave 01:47
Sound of shots 18xx 1st Ave S 01:45
Domestic threats. Ex is threatening to throw a molotov cocktail at 911 caller's home. 4xx 19th Ave NE 01:33 NEMPLS
1 year ago
Report of a security guard who was assaulted and is unconscious. Near the Riverside LRT station. 6th St S and 15th Ave S 01:21
SAINT PAUL: Suspect fled on foot from traffic stop near 7th St. & Smith Ave. - The suspect fled from a red truck on 7th, described as a white male wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans. - Left behind his ID and has a felony warrant
Robbery of person, weapon implied but not seen. 20xx Washington Ave N Suspect: BM juvenile 23:30
MINNEAPOLIS: PIC/disorderly - 18xx Stinson Pkwy. - Shirtless, intoxicated male is reportedly throwing rocks at cars. The caller reports the male also has a garbage lid on his head
Robbery and assault at gunpoint. Two victims. 46th and Bloomington Ave Suspects: Two BM in masks, one in light hoodie, one in dark hoodie. Loss: Cash Squad 331 22:37
MINNEAPOLIS: State Patrol on a felony stop of a stolen vehicle near 49th Ave. N. & Lyndale Ave. N. with two occupants at gunpoint, calling them out
Brooklyn Park police say several detained and a gun recovered after a shots fired incident on the 7300 block of Brooklyn Blvd. around 8:10 p.m. - 50 spent casings were recovered there, police said, and a suspect vehicle was stopped nearby. There were no reports of injury
SAINT PAUL: Shots fired reported near University Ave. & Snelling - Multiple callers report hearing 4-5 and people running from the area. - Now a report of a possible victim near Asbury & Sherburne
SAINT PAUL: Shots fired reported near University & Arundel. - One caller said it sounded like a "machine gun." - An officer says 8-10 spent casings were found in an alley near the intersection. No initial report of injury
. Brooklyn Park PD says they took suspects into custody and recovered a gun following a report of shots fired in the area of 74xx Imperial Dr. Police found a scene at 73xx Brooklyn Blvd and recovered 50 casings. Damage to vehicleuildings, but no injuries reported
Police are saying there are 1000-2000 people on site at Northtown Mall. They are beginning PA announcements for people to leave the mall
Blaine - Police are shutting down the carnival at Northtown Mall for "unlawful assembly." They initially reported shots fired, but that appears to be unfounded. Police reporting it got "pretty out of hand
. Safety alert from UMPD: Aggravated Assault occurred at Riverside/ 24th Ave S at 5:35pm. Two vehicles appeared to be shooting at each other. No license plate info, first vehicle description is a small gray coupe, second is a large white sedan. This is a Minneapolis Police case
Fully involved vehicle fire. I94 near 44th Ave N 18:22
POLICE HELP CALL to the homicide scene, family members "out of control." W Broadway and Bryant Ave N 16:26
"Seven Last Words of the Unarmed" sets to music the final words of Eric Garner and 6 other Black men killed during encounters with police or authority figures. A quintet will also perform the piece May 28 at George Floyd Square
Shots fired in the Speedway parking lot. Broadway St NE and University Ave NE 01:45
Male pounding on the window of an occupied squad, refusing to leave. Officer calling for back up. 4xx 1st Ave N 00:35
Shotspotter activation. 36th and Chicago Ave 00:28
Report of a stabbing W Broadway Ave and Fremont Ave N 01:27 -Police arrived, person has a minor stab wound
Police report hearing 3 gunshots east of the 5th Precinct. Also a Shotspotter activation at 32xx 4th Ave S, across 35W from the precinct
Armed robbery of a pharmacy, suspect jumped the counter with a gun. 2650 Hennepin Ave. Light complexion BM, thin, gray hoodie, Covid mask and "coughing
Victim in his 30s, with three gunshot wounds to the chest area. According to other info aired, the victim is 32
46th and Sheridan Ave N, felony stop on a stolen vehicle. Multiple occupants, all compliant at the moment with their hands up
SHOOTING At Lowry and Lyndale Ave N Rescue already on site
Shotspotter x 12 rounds 34xx Irving Ave N 20:36