23 September 2021
Fire rig struck by a vehicle at 33rd and Nicollet Ave S. Silver F150 Super Duty. Driver of truck may be injured
Brooklyn Center police chief resigns in wake of Daunte Wright shooting
Brooklyn Center mayor just now said he is asking @GovTimWalz to reassign charging decision in Brooklyn Center police shooting death of Daunte Wright to @AGEllison's office. Ellison's office has also been leading prosecution of Derek Chauvin, 3 others in George Floyd's death
Shortly after Brooklyn Center officer Kim Potter, who shot and killed Daunte Wright, resigned, Mayor Mike Elliott announced Police Chief Tim Gannon has also left the force
5 month ago
"We are working with state and local leaders" to ensure peaceful protest in Minnesota, says @PressSec
Minnesota police officer who fatally shot Daunte Wright during traffic stop resigns.
George Floyd's family and Daunte Wright's family have come together for a news conference outside the courthouse in Minneapolis. Both are represented by attorney Ben Crump
The @MNNationalGuard supported security missions in Brooklyn Center, Minneapolis and St. Paul last night. Just over 2,000 Guardsmen are on duty to assist local authorities in maintaining peace, with more service members coming on duty over the next few days
5 month ago
Amid a large police presence outside Duluth East High School Duluth Police spokespeople say they do not believe there is a threat to student safety
The scene outside Brooklyn Center Police Dept the morning after a 2nd night of protests over the officer-involved shooting of Daunte Wright turned violent: Remnants of dispersals, shattered windows of looted businesses, bottles & bricks, fencing and barricades around the station
Tobacco shop at 46th and Nicollet after last night's looting
Hill and Hall cannot see Floyd on the ground, as their view is blocked by Park Police squad. Early on, Hill said "Damn, he still won't get in the car, just sit down George.He's fighting to get out, what is he doing Now he going to jail
The police officer who shot and killed 20-year-old Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center Sunday afternoon was identified as Kim Potter by the Minnesota BCA Monday night
Stores in Brooklyn Center and Minneapolis suffered damage following unrest in response to the deadly police shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright
Just arriving at Brooklyn Center PD
Law enforcement officials: 40 arrests made during unrest in Brooklyn Center, Minneapolis
ST. PAUL: Help call - 87x Minnehaha Ave. - An officer out with a vehicle being towed reported the owner came out of a residence and was not happy about it. - Requesting backup, which has arrived and they were code 4/under control by 1:43 a.m
This video is a better shot though The Dollar Tree Brooklyn Center
2200 Lyndale Ave. S. Minneapolis - Speedway Gas Station is boarded up & covered in crime scene tape. The noisiest air plane, helicopter or whatever it is, is flying overhead. THIS is the sound that S. Minneapolis residents complain about frequently hearing inside of their homes
Heavy National Guard presence keeping people out of most effected area in Brooklyn Center, Minneapolis
21st and Aldrich Ave S to Bryant, police responded to 8 with masks and gloves. A foot pursuit ensued. A gun has been recovered and shot/s were fired. No word on any injuries at this point
Police and protesters clashing at Brooklyn center Minnesota
Dollar Tree in BC being looted still
Looting at a Dollar Tree located at 6800 N. Humboldt Ave. in BrooklynCenter, just 1 blk from the BCPD station BrooklynCenterMN
Some Brooklyn Center stores are being protected by civilians with firearms. The looters have stayed away from these places BrooklynCenterMN
Dollar Tree has been set on fire by protesters BrooklynCenterMN
This group went through DT and 5th Precinct running red lights. They left the Brooklyn Park police dept, per Hennepin County. Police called them a "lawless group." Now possibly headed to the 3rd Precinct
As curfew takes effect across the Twin Cities metro, dozens of protestors still gathered at the scene of the shooting in Brooklyn Center
Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has issued an emergency curfew order, effective at 7 pm BrooklynCenter Minneapolis Minnesota
City manager of @BrklynCenterMN fired, according to the mayor
Hundreds are gathered outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department
Medical Examiner report is out: #DaunteWright death classified as a homicide. Gunshot wound to chest. Time of death: 2:18pm yesterday at 63rd Avenue North & Kathrene Drive, Brooklyn Center
Some businesses along East Lake Street are pulling out their plywood from last summer. A gas station and hardware store were broken into last night, about 10 miles away from where Daunte Wright was killed by Brooklyn Center police
St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter also announcing that a citywide curfew will be in place tonight starting at 7PM extending until 6am, Tuesday
Bloomington and Lake St in Mpls
The police officer who fatally shot a 20-year-old Black man in Brooklyn Center Sunday mistakenly fired her firearm, instead of her Taser, the suburb's police chief said Monday
Large National Guard and police presence outside the Brooklyn Center police station where there's about to be a press conference
Police in riot gear get in formation moments after body camera footage is released5 month ago
Police in riot gear get in formation moments after body camera footage is released
Brooklyn Center police release body camera footage of Daunte Wright shooting; chief believes officer meant to tase him
Brooklyn Center right now
5 month ago
"Incredibly saddened" by the officer-involved shooting in Minnesota and @POTUS has been briefed, says @PressSec
National Guard and law enforcement continue to guard Brooklyn Center Police Department this morning. Media stationed across the street. Traffic driving past on Humboldt. Very quiet scene
4/ National Guard troops arrived just before midnight as looters targeted the Brooklyn Center Walmart and nearby shopping mall. Several businesses around the Walmart were destroyed. Looting was widespread, spilling into north and south Minneapolis
3/ Protesters later walked to the Brooklyn Center police headquarters near N. 67th Avenue and Humboldt Avenue and locked in a standoff with police in riot gear
Filmed around 3:00 am today, armed men guarding Las Cuatro Milpas at 1526 E. Lake St. in S. Minneapolis
Walgreens on W. Broadway Ave. in North Minneapolis. A big shade was covering the window unfortunately, blocking a view of inside.
MINNEAPOLIS: People reported breaking into the gas station at 43xx E. Lake St. - Sound of shots in the area of E. Lake St. & 44th Ave
People breaking into Speedway 43rd and E Lake St, also report of shots fired in the area. Also a bunch of people inside Walgreens 2650 Hennepin Ave S 03:34
4547 Hiawatha Ave, police on site and people are inside the building and one fled out of the rear
Scene in south Minneapolis were 2 people are deceased following a shooting. Transit Police responded to a shot-spotter activation at 28th ST/14th Ave S. Several cars look to be heavily damaged. A third victim with GSW's self transported to the hospital. Police are investigating
4547 Hiawatha Ave, Walgreens, report of shots fired in parking lot, also burglary of business. Four suspects wearing all red in a gray Pontiac sedan
MINNEAPOLIS: Burglary of business report and several shots fired outside of 40xx Hiawatha - Four suspects wearing all red fled in a silver sedan
Police report volley of shots near E 28th and 14th Ave S
Columbia Heights - Hook Fish/Chicken broken into, police on site. 38th and Central Ave NE 03:00
Shotspotter detected shots at 1819 14th Ave Minneapolis, Minnesota
Video of a shots being fired in Minneapolis
Minnesota Riots: Officers reporting 5 in custody from an earlier shooting incident. SWAT on scene
MINNEAPOLIS: Report of shots heard in the area of 29xx Chicago Ave. and looting of the liquor store
One person taken into custody in relation on the 3100 block of Hennepin Ave. S
Looting at Speedway gas station on Lake St. & S. Aldrich Ave. in Minneapolis. More people are pulling in and entering the store
100 people looting Chicago Lake Liquors
Shotspotter for this event was at 27xx 14th Ave S x 7 rounds
From a follower: Seward pharmacy on E lake street and 22nd Ave S being looted after windows being smashed with hammer
Lake and Hennepin, police report shots fired, now a foot pursuit. 02:32 East on 31st, south on Hennepin
3 vehicle crash at Rustic Lodge and Nicollet. -Burglary alarm, Kowalski's, 24th/Hennepin -Burglary alarm, 6xx Lake St W
Making arrests at Target Minneapolis, Minnesota
MINNEAPOLIS: Two-vehicle crash with one vehicle on fire near Nicollet Ave & W Rustic Lodge Ave
Police ran up to a Target that was being looted in an attempt to arrest looters
Iron Door Pub was broken into, 30th/Lyndale Ave S. Police requesting board up
T Mobile at 1360 University had an alarm, too, but officers just cleared it
MINNEAPOLIS: Lyndale & Lake St. - Three people reported breaking into a bar
A 2nd shooting victim possibly related to this incident has arrived at the hospital
ST. PAUL: Looting reported at Hamline & University Ave. W. - Officers report several vehicles fleeing the area
MINNEAPOLIS: SHOOTING - 28th & 14th Ave. S. - Several people were shooting at each other. Four black males got in to a silver Honda, last seen northbound. Transit officers are out with the victim
At 38th and Chicago, community members are painting "Justice for Duante Wright" in the street next to George Floyd's memorial
Large group of looters has now resumed back at O'Reilly's auto store. A female looters says, "I need this.
MINNEAPOLIS: Looting reported at CVS, Dupont Ave. & Lake St
ST. PAUL: Disorderly - Raymond Ave & University Ave. W. - Report of 15-20 breaking vehicle windows in the area. - Officers in the area report multiple vehicles leaving at a high rate of speed
MINNEAPOLIS: Report of shooting - 33xx Knox Ave. N. - Victim reportedly transported to the hospital in a private vehicle
Looting at a Speedway at 2501 Hennepin Ave in Minneapolis
Report of looting at Target W Lake St, also being looted at Speedway 2200 Lyndale Ave S 01:56
Looting reported at 13xx Lake St. W. and 22xx Lyndale Ave. S
MINNEAPOLIS: 25xx Hennepin Ave. - Report of 15-20 looters outside the gas station
Shooting at 28th and Portland. Person shot in the back in a vehicle
ST. PAUL: Alarms at the liquor store - 20xx Marshall Ave
MINNEAPOLIS: SHOOTING - Portland Ave. & E. 28th St. - Victim reported to be in a vehicle with a gunshot wound to the back; no suspect description
Shooting at 28th and Park in Minneapolis
Looting has now spread to parts of Minneapolis. This cell phone store on East Lake Street, near Lyndale was hit. The front door apparently smashed by a rock
Injury crash involving officer NEMPLS 2610 Central Ave NE
Andre Stevenson, of Minneapolis, is the longtime manager of the clothing store. He arrived to find the store in complete ruins. The only item of clothing left appeared to be one pair of jeans on a mannequin
ST. PAUL: An officer in the area of Target reports hearing around 10 gunshots west of Cub Foods, 1440 University Ave. W
Just witnessed three people, one with a shotgun, looting a store at Lake & Portland. At least two shots were fired
MINNEAPOLIS: Damage to property - 26xx Hennepin Ave. - Caller reports the sound of windows smashing and people running from the business
Harrington reports that approximately 20 Brooklyn Center businesses have been looted, but crowds largely dismissed
State Public Safety Commissioner says small crowd remains at Brooklyn Center police headquarters, police presence stepping up at Shingle Creek Crossing, where about 20 businesses were looted, following shooting of Daunte Wright
Damage at a BrooklynCenter liquor store off Brooklyn Blvd
State and local officials are set to give a briefing shortly on protests and civil unrest following Sunday's fatal police shooting in Brooklyn Center. Watch it here
Report of 30 people looting gas station NEMPLS 6xx Broadway St NE
24th and Lyndale Ave S, police report someone possibly trying to break into the smoke shop
Now report of shots fired in the GM Tobacco at 27th and Minnehaha (same spot where woman and children are)
Officer help call, shots fired - not from officers. 15xx E Lake St 00:55
Scattered looting on Lake Street in Minneapolis
Brooklyn Center, Minnesota GameStop currently being loooted
National Guard troops arrived just before midnight as looters targeted the Brooklyn Center Walmart and a mall following the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright by police. Looting was widespread late Sunday into early Monday, spilling into Minneapolis
Report of business looting at 3xx E Lake St
Multiple business alarms in area of 20xx Nicollet, 3xx Lake St, 14xx W Lake, 12 people breaking into Metro PCS at Blaisdell/Lake
Large group of vehicles east on Lake from Cedar Ave, honking horns and driving erratically
Police report a large group walking on Bloomington toward Lake St
Police updated this location to 26th and Columbus
Several businesses around the Brooklyn Center Walmart are completely destroyed. Police rolled up and made some arrests as rioters ran from buildings carrying stolen goods. Foot Locker, T Mobile, and a New York men's clothing store all completely destroyed
Brooklyn Park police, who were not involved in the shooting, say the front door of their police department was shot out earlier this evening
Walgreens, windows being smashed and report of staff running out. 2650 Hennepin Ave 00:21
MINNEAPOLIS: An officer in the area of Hennepin & Lake St. said he was nearly run over by the driver of a red minivan
Mayor of Brooklyn Center, where police shot and killed a motorist this afternoon, and were looting began. Break-ins and thefts are now being reported in Minneapolis on Lake Street and other locations
More images from the Brooklyn Center Minnesota police department
Multiple storefronts looted and smashed at Brooklyn Center Shingle Creek Crossing near Walmart - tons of people driving around in their vehicles around the parking lot. All stores closed
The Minnesota National Guard arrives in Brooklyn Center
Brooklyn Center: Lots of tear gas deployed just now. Ppl scattering, pouring water in each other's eyes
Report of burglary of business. Three BM suspects, one in red, one in white, one in gray hoodie. 14xx Washington Ave S, clothing store
National guard has arrived
Robbery of business and employees assaulted. Suspects took entire register. 8xx SE 4th St
The National Guard is on the ground in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota
Lowry and Emerson Ave N, looting, and possible shots being fired at police, also fireworks being shot at police
Report of shots near I94 at 28xx S 8th St
Total chaos at Brooklyn Center Walmart and shopping mall
Police are deploying tear gas, stun grenades and less lethal rounds outside the precinct. Protesters are holding the street
Reports of looting in Brooklyn Park (adjacent to Brooklyn Center) and their police department reportedly took on shots fired earlier
The family of a 20-year-old Minnesota man told a crowd that he was shot by police Sunday before getting back into his car and driving away, then crashing the vehicle several blocks away
Shooting near 26th and Chicago Ave S
Test had deployed outside gas station5 month ago
Test had deployed outside gas station
A crowd has gathered outside the Brooklyn Center police dept building. Gas reportedly deployed
Multiple rounds of teargas deployed outside the Brooklyn Center police headquarters building on Humboldt Avenue
New thread for the Brooklyn Center activity. Police holding a line in front of the police department where a large crowd is gathered. Less lethal rounds reportedly being deployed by law enforcement. Sheriff's truck on site and other agencies are also responding
More detail on gunfire at Brooklyn Park PD Hqtrs around 8pm: No injuries reported. Sources tell rounds blasted thru front glass doors, reaching the lobby. Again, this occurred in a community, neighboring Brooklyn Center where deadly police shooting occurred earlier
Brooklyn Center: The man's name is Daunte Wright, 20 yrs old, and a couple hundred people are gathered, chanting peacefully as of now
Brooklyn Center: a man who was shot and killed by police here tonight
Happening now in Brooklyn Center following an officer involved shooting that left 20 year old Duante Wright dead, according to his family. Scene very tense scene between police and activists.
On scene here in Brooklyn Center near 63rd & Kathrene just witnessed police in riot gear rolling up to the scene here. Stay with @KARE11 for the latest
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