3 December 2023
. AREA: Yellow = 1721 University Ave SE, problem property Student Co-op housing. Orange arrows show direction the people were running and the shots fired down the alley toward 18th Ave SE
Robbery of person at gunpoint at So Low grocery. 31st and Emerson Ave N Suspect: BM in s gold hoodie, black Impala, plate EBP144 or similar. Another BM in the vehicle
1 year ago
Suspect is described as a white male with tattoos, bald, 6', wearing a t-shirt and shorts. EMS was requested for the victim's injuries
1 year ago
Officers are searching an area east of Lynn Ave. & 125th for a male suspect who reportedly assaulted his mother and may be armed with a hatchet. K9, State Patrol flight support requested, and Burnsville PD assisting
Officers were sent to a senior living apartment on the 700 block of E. 7th St. just before 7 p.m., SPPD said. Officers arrived & made entry into the apartment, where they found the man, believed to be in his late 40s. Investigators determined the shooting was not self-inflicted
Saint Paul police say a homicide investigation is underway after a welfare check last night led to the discovery of a man dead from a gunshot wound in the Dayton's Bluff neighborhood.
A 15-year-old boy was found with a gunshot wound to the leg in the backyard of 1721 University Avenue late Friday night. This is the latest crime issue at the problematic address across the street from the University of Minnesota campus
The shooting victim is a 15 year old male shot in the leg. He was transported in stable condition with a tourniquet in place on the way to the hospital
Police have requested a search warrant for 1721. It's currently taped off, no one is getting in
Report of 30 fighting outside Frank and Andrea's Dinkytown. Some are bleeding. 1235 4th St SE 01:56 UMN
Officers have found the gold sedan unnocupied near 18th Ave. SE. & 4th St. SE
Police are with a possible suspect vehicle, but it's unoccupied. A gold sedan, plate HHP*66. A witness said they saw a shooter get into the vehicle earlier after firing shots
MINNEAPOLIS: SHOOTING - 1721 University Ave. SE. - A large group was reported outside a residence prior to a gunfire heard and a victim struck. - Officers are now on scene and have found a gunshot wound victim behind the building. A State Patrol helicopter is assisting
At least 50 people on site. CONFIRMED shooting victim in the rear of the address
Shotspotter x10 rounds 31xx Emerson Ave N Shotspotter x1 round 25xx 23rd Ave N 23:55
Reportedly people shot inside. Still developing. Casing found on 18th Ave SE
Shots fired, now a police help call at the problem property on frat row. 1721 University Ave SE 00:15
Gun Report of shots heard and a vehicle quickly driving away. 26th and Pleasant Ave Squad 531 520 23:07 Also from a follower just now: Sounds like a gun battle going on at 25th & Lyndale, tires squealing and you can hear it continuing down by Nicollet and Franklin
St. Anthony PD is on site of a wedding party that "got out of control" at Silverwood Park/Silver Lake. Requesting back up from Anoka County/Columbia Heights
Multiple victims. Multiple people were shooting at each other before or after two vehicles crashed. Shotspotter x10 rounds 37th and Penn Ave N 22:10 Second victim self transported to North Memorial, victim shot in the butt
Rochester police are investigating a reported drive by shooting in NW Rochester1 year ago
Rochester police are investigating a reported drive by shooting in NW Rochester
. There are two males at North Memorial. One is shot, the other drove them there. The one who drove the victim was shot at 36th and Penn yesterday
Robbery of person. 32nd and Elliott Ave 20:53
Attempted carjacking 40xx Columbus Ave Suspect vehicle is a silver Corolla, occupied by 3 to 4 BM teens, plate EBT962
. Shots fired near Winner Gas, reported by off duty officer. 626 W Broadway #BroadwayLyndale 15:56 2nd scene at 23rd and Aldrich
MINNEAPOLIS: Report of shooting - 82x Hennepin Ave. - Victim is reportedly shot in the back. - Suspect is a shorter black male wearing a blue windbreaker and black pants, also reportedly bleeding from the head. He may have fled in an older gold car
SHOOTING 8xx Hennepin Ave 10:37 Suspect: BM, blue windbreaker, also bleeding from the head. Police arrived, waving medical in. Victim is shot in the back
. Now a new gunshot victim showed up at North Memorial shot in the leg. Said it happened at 8th and Hennepin Ave
. Minneapolis police following a stolen vehicle near 35th and 15th Ave S. Took off blacked out (no lights), police are not pursuing
Minneapolis - Responders dispatched for one threatening to jump from the Lowry Bridge
Report of fireworks on the Stone Arch bridge. There were reports of shots in the area, but dispatcher is indicating it may be the FWX
Report of 12 shots heard. 27xx 15th Ave S 23:10
Police say the gunfire may have come from the passenger and backseat passenger of a smaller silver SUV, model year around '08, last seen south through the area, then westbound on W. Broadway Ave
Passenger and backseat passenger were both shooting from a smaller silver SUV, possibly 2008 era. One victim is a female with a GSW to the leg
Two shooting victims confirmed so far
Police report hearing shots in the area of W Broadway and Penn Ave N
MINNEAPOLIS: SHOOTING - near W. Broadway Ave. & Penn Ave. N. - Three victims initially reported near the bus stop. - Officers are out at the liquor store lot at 2220 W. Broadway with one victim and called for a 2nd EMS rig to the scene
Report of 3 people shot at Penn and W Broadway Ave. At the Metro Transit bus stop. 22:40 -Police arrived Possibly two more victims, one at 22xx W Broadway. Developing
CHILD from 15xx Laurel Ave W 2 y/o BM, 2ft, white onsie and red shorts. The child was left with a friend and now the friend is intoxicated and doesn't know where the child is
Overdose at the US Bank LRT station. 4th and Park Ave MplsDowntown 22:22
Firefighters work to extinguish fire at Fort Snelling building visible on nearby highways
Possible shooter: white hoodie, black shorts, black backpack, 25th and Penn. Police blocking multiple adjacent roads. Requesting response cars from other precincts. Two EMS rigs requested
A house at 35xx Queen Ave N was damaged by gunfire
Apparently there's a second shooting victim that walked up to police at the scene
911 caller says a building was struck by a gunshot. 31xx E 58th St 21:23
Shooting. Police arrived, one shot in the foot. Three Shotspotter activations nearby about 21:10. At least one was 16 rounds. 36xx Penn Ave N 21:14
MINNEAPOLIS: Report of shooting - near Quick Stop, 3601 Penn Ave. N. - Officers are now on scene with a victim, reportedly shot in the foot. It follows a activation nearby
About 8:40 p.m., attempted robbery of person near 23rd / Monroe St NE. EMS for victim who was sprayed in the eyes with mace. Suspect: BM, mid 20s, medium complexion, black/yellow hat, black/gold shirt, Timberland boots, on a bike. NEMPLS Squad 210 220
Shooting. Victim in a Jeep Trailhawk. 421 W Broadway Ave N, Wendy's BroadwayLyndale 20:08 -Police arrived, casings on W Broadway
A stabbing victim just showed up at HCMC. No other details yet